Clare Crawley Says She's 'Very Confident' in Decision to Remove Breast Implants Despite Fearing the 'Unknown'

The former Bachelor star says "what matters is our mental health and our physical health and that’s my priority."

Clare Crawley
Clare Crawley. Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty

Clare Crawley is sharing the ups and downs of preparing to remove her breast implants.

"This is the best for my health. So it does get me emotional," Crawley, 40, shared in her Instagram stories. "I have been having these symptoms for the last five years. I have done every elimination thing: Bloodwork, tests, everything imaginable to get to this point."

The Bachelorette alum previously revealed that she was choosing to remove her implants after suffering from multiple mystery symptoms in recent years, including an itchy rash on her upper body and elevated white blood cell count.

"My rash has been really bad lately. Last night I couldn't sleep because I was so itchy," she shared, adding that her implants were the "silicone gummy bear" ones: "I thought it was the best option to get but I realize now they have some of the most toxic ingredients in them," she added.

Last October, the FDA recommended its most serious warning label for breast implants amidst an uptick in breast implant illnesses (BII), a newly emerging syndrome that is occurring in people with implants and can cause symptoms ranging from chronic fatigue to breathing problems to depression and hair loss, among others.

For Crawley, "I'm very confident and happy in my decision to remove them for the benefit of my health," she says. "Maintaining good mental health through this, that is a challenge. But staying strong knowing you're being your own advocate, I'm keeping that at the forefront."

During the open Q&A session on her Instagram, Crawley fielded questions from fans who inquired whether she would replace her implants with different ones.

"The whole point of me removing them is because of the toxic ingredients they are made of," Crawley answered. "I will not put other ones in."

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However she did say that the fear of the "unknown" was a factor in her decision making, and believes other women grapple with that as well.

"I haven't done the surgery yet so a lot of this and a lot of what affects women mentally is the unknown of the future of ... What it'll look like? What'll it be like? What the future holds?" she says. "That's the risk I think we are willing to take."

"That's why many women don't do this. Its because there's a lot of unknown. Are they going to go back to normal?" she says. "But what matters is our mental health and our physical health and that's my priority."

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