Christina Milian clapped back at a commenter who tried to shame her for losing weight

By Julie Mazziotta
April 27, 2018 05:09 PM

Christina Milian knows she looks great — even if a few rogue Instagram followers disagree.

The singer, 36, shared a sultry swimsuit shot from her weekend at Coachella on April 15 that showed off her ripped stomach and slim body. But a couple of her Instagram followers commented that she looked better when her body was “thicker.”

“Please eat a burger or two or three #thickisbetter,” wrote one commenter.

Undeterred by the skinny-shaming, Milian responded saying she’s feeling fitter these days.

“Thicker me was out of shape,” she posted.

The mom to daughter Violet, 8, is all about her workouts, and told Essence in 2016 that she aims for balance when it comes to gym time.

Christina Milian
Christina Milian/Instagram
Christina Milian

“Sometimes I get completely focused and I’ll go in and work out — sometimes even twice a day — at least three times a week because I’m so excited and really into it. There’s other times when my schedule gets really crazy and I have to figure out when to fit it in. And then sometimes I’m just lazy — and it’s okay to be lazy. That’s balance for me,” she said.

Milian said she “loves” outdoor workouts, and takes advantage of the great hiking options in Los Angeles, along with doing strength training in the gym. She said that her workouts keep her feeling confident.

“For me, if I’m not in the right shape, I’m tired. I don’t have the energy to do the things I like to do, which gets a little bit depressing,” she said. “Working out is great therapy too. When I work out I pray. In that moment, I am thankful because of my health and how my blood is flowing because all of that stuff is going to keep me around longer.”

But, Milian admitted, it’s tougher to stay in shape as she gets older.

“It’s harder to lose weight as quickly, and there are now problem areas — like the stomach,” she said. “I’m happy I did a lot of sit-ups in my 20s so at least I have that muscle memory. Now it’s just that little layer [of fat over it] … At 5’ 2”, it’s not that easy to always stay trim. You do have to make an effort.”