Christie Brinkley's Girls Alexa and Sailor Reveal They've Conquered Bullies and Body Shamers (and Still Love Carbs!)

Alexa Ray Joel and Sailor Lee Cook have both faced online bullies

Online bullying and body shaming are issues for many women, but when you’re the daughter of a supermodel, that criticism can be even harsher.

“Comparison will kill you,” Alexa Ray Joel, 31, tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. She says being compared to her model mom, Christie Brinkley, “is unhealthy. We’re all different. We all have different strengths.”

Sailor Lee Cook, 18, has also faced her share of unfair criticism.

“If I’m just living my life and someone has something mean to say, that’s the thing that gets me,” says Cook, who appears alongside Joel and Brinkley in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

Emmanuelle Hauguel/SI

Being a model herself means Cook is constantly being judged based on her body, but she doesn’t feel pressure to conform to a certain ideal.

“I’ve never had this stick skinny classic model body. But with the help of my mom, I came to the conclusion that this is who I am and this is my body,” she says. “I eat very healthy and I work out all the time. If you want to book me, this is my body. That’s it. I’m not going to do crazy diets.”

  • For more on Brinkley, her gorgeous daughters and their life with a supermodel mom, read this week’s issue of people, out on newsstands Wednesday.

And while Cook is gluten-free and vegan, she isn’t afraid of the occasional splurge.

“Sometimes I try and not eat sugar, but that’s hard for me because I love cupcakes,” she says.

Joel isn’t quite as strict when it comes to her own diet.

“I’m more my father [Billy Joel’s] daughter, and he thinks he’s Italian,” she says. “I will never give up pizza, pasta, cheese. These are like staples.”

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