Chrissy Teigen says her confidence posing in Sports Illustrated Swim changed after her baby, and explains why she and John Legend aren't actually #RelationshipGoals

Posing for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue just 10 months after giving birth wasn’t a walk in the park for Chrissy Teigen.

The model and cookbook author says she was hesitant going in, but everyone made her feel comfortable.

“I think just my confidence level changed a lot, but once you get there and you see MJ [Day] rooting you on and this team of people just rooting you on, you’re happy to do it,” Teigen, 31, tells PEOPLE Now. “But I was for sure nervous, I still had my belly line, I mean, I had my stitches. I could get into a lot. You don’t even want to know!”

Credit: James Macari/SI

Chrissy Teigen in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, on stands now

Her picture-perfect life on social media with daughter Luna, 10 months, and husband John Legend means Teigen’s followers are constantly saying the couple are #RelationshipGoals, but she doesn’t totally agree.

“I do think it’s kind of silly,” Teigen admits. “I love being that way, because I love people looking up to somebody who has a relationship that’s enviable, of course. But also, the things they say it for are so stupid, like, we’ll be eating a burrito and someone will be like, ‘Relationship goals!’ and I’m like, ‘Go get a burrito? Just eat a burrito!’ ”

“We should definitely have higher standards of relationship goals, but at the same time we’re very happy to be people’s relationship goals.”