Chrissy Teigen Thinks Photoshopping Stretch Marks Is 'Insane': 'Who's to Say It's Even a Flaw?'

Chrissy Teigen talks about body image, stretch marks and how much she hates watching husband John Legend work out after she gave birth to their second child, son Miles

Photo: ELLE UK/ Gilles Bensimon

Chrissy Teigen charmed the internet when she showed off her stretch marks — or as she calls them, her “stretchies,” on social media three years ago. And now — three years and two babies later — she still doesn’t understand why people pretend they don’t exist.

“Everyone Photoshops them out. It’s insane,” Teigen, 33, told Elle U.K. for their January issue. “And I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re the only ones [with stretch marks].”

The bestselling cookbook author said that she realized that stretch marks were nothing to worry about during her modeling days.

“I was on a Victoria’s Secret shoot and it was a big turning point for me to see those women with scars and stretch marks and bruises,” she said. “Who’s to say it’s even a flaw?”

Chrissy Teigen. ELLE UK/ Gilles Bensimon

Teigen said it’s the influencers — “these fake-a– Instagram people” — who are causing the body hate.

“People get FOMO, or they feel bad about their bodies, and I get it,” she said. “If I feel bad seeing certain things, what about that girl who has no connection to this industry? It makes me sad, because that’s not really how it is.”

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As for Teigen’s body, the main person she feels intimidated by is actually her husband, John Legend. She had to lay down some ground rules the last few months after giving birth to their second child, son Miles, in May.

“He can’t work out while I’m awake because I’ll stop him,” she joked. “I’m just bitter. Seeing your husband get fit while you’ve got your post-baby body, I’m like, ‘F— you, take a day off!’ “

Elle U.K.’s January issue. ELLE UK/ Gilles Bensimon

But Teigen said she was more than happy to eat throughout her pregnancy with Miles.

“I loved being pregnant. I think it was mostly the eating binges, though,” she said. “John used to make this sandwich and leave it for me at midnight. I’d literally just grab it in the night and eat it in the dark. Miles was like 4.5 lbs. and I gained 60 lbs. I had a good time!”

Elle U.K.’s January issue is on sale starting Dec. 12.

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