Chris Evans – and His Pooch – Join Scott Eastwood, The Rock and Others in the 22 Push-Up Challenge

Even newlywed Kevin Hart participated in the challenge in honor of America's armed forces

Photo: Source Twitter

Following the huge success of 2014’s viral Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS research, the stars are coming together for another cause – and staying a little drier this time.

The 22 Push-Up Challenge, launched by #22Kill, is raising awareness of mental health issues suffered by America’s soldiers. Participants complete 22 push-ups to symbolize the number of veterans who commit suicide every day.

Celebrities like Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, newlywed Kevin Hart and others have stepped up to the plate to honor U.S.A.’s armed forces, all while showing off their physical prowess (and, in some cases, chiseled abs).

Pratt and wife Anna Faris completed their push-ups earlier this week, with the Jurassic World hunk writing on Instagram, “Please know there are people out there thinking about you, praying for you and who appreciate your sacrifice.”

The actor subsequently challenged pals John Krasinski, Scott Eastwood and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, which kicked off a landslide of Hollywood A-listers sweating for the soldiers.

Johnson and Evans – who answered the call from Krasinski – were even adorably aided by their pooches, who couldn’t help but butt in as their owners bobbed and dipped.

Ludacris performed his push-ups in front of a live audience, before challenging Snoop Dogg to take part next.

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#22Kill hopes to reach a documented 22 million push-ups in order to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention.

Comparatively, the Ice Bucket Challenge raised $115 million for ALS – a nervous system disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord – research, according to the BBC.

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