In a new vlog, the Instagram star and DJ chronicles how a bad experience with breast implants ultimately led her to get a reduction and lift

Not all celebrities are candid about plastic surgery — but in a new vlog, Chantel Jeffries is speaking openly about how a bad experience with breast implants ultimately led her to get a reduction and lift.

The 23-year-old Instagram star and DJ, who boasts nearly 3 million followers and models for Khloé Kardashian‘s denim line, shared a lengthy video to her YouTube channel last week in which she chronicled her story for fans in the hopes that others can learn from her mistakes.

“I’m doing a video that I’ve been wanting to do for a little while,” she started. “It’s something I’m a little bit nervous about, but I wanted to share with you guys because I think it could be really helpful and I also wish that I had a video like this to see when I was going through the situation.”

Jeffries then launched into her decision to get breast implants, which was sparked due to the fact that stress in her life had led to weight fluctuations, which ultimately affected the look and shape of her natural breasts. At her most, she weighed 130 lbs., and at her least, she dropped down to 100 lbs. — but throughout, her weight was fluctuating “back and forth and in between,” which meant her bra size was ranging from a small D cup to a B cup.

“That’s a pretty big difference, especially when you’re 5 ft., 6 in. like me,” she said. “There’s nothing wrong with a size B — I think it’s great, even for my body type. But when you go from a D to a B and you’re losing that volume and weight, it does affect your breasts negatively — it makes them more deflated-looking, saggy and it can give you stretch marks, so it just was not the best look.”

“If it started off as a B, I would have been fine with that, but the fact that it went from a D to a B, I wasn’t used to it,” she admitted. “It was also giving me a look that I didn’t like, and I just wanted to look like myself again.”

Jeffries decided to get implants, though looking back, she admits she didn’t know a great deal about the process or her options: silicone or saline, low-profile or high-profile, etc.

“Most of the time, the doctors will tell you [to] go bigger than you want,” she said. “I don’t agree with that. I also think that doctors generalize people and don’t realize that people are different sizes. A D on me is maybe like a big B, a small C on someone else. I’m a very small person. My ribcage is 29 in., that means my bra size [after my boob job and] before I got this reduction was a 30DDD.”

“Just because they’re doctors, doesn’t mean they know everything,” she warned. “You know yourself better than anyone else, so it’s important to be informed.”

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But regardless, she went through with the procedure, informing her doctor that she wanted to go back to her original bra size before the weight fluctations: a 32D.

“At first, my boobs were more high and they’d have to ‘drop over time,’ is what I told,” she explained. “But over time my boobs got bigger, because my hormones balanced out so my natural breast tissue came back. I also gained weight — I went from being like, 105 lbs., and now I’m like 115-120.”

“So my boobs went from being a 32D to like, a DD, which I never wanted — I never wanted to look like anything other than myself,” she added. “I felt like they looked fake, I felt like I didn’t look like myself. I didn’t want that. I didn’t want people looking at me and just looking at my boobs — I was never that person.”

This time, Jeffries did her research and decided to get a reduction and lift, two procedures she says she underwent last week.

“If you’re considering breast implants, or taking them out and getting a lift, I hope that this video helps you,” she said. “Getting it done the first time hurts a lot, but the lift doesn’t hurt hardly as much.”

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“I’m really happy that I did it. I feel like myself again — not everyone is staring at my tits all the time,” she continued. “They still probably will, but honestly, whatever. I just feel much more natural and back to my old self, which is great.”

As for whether she regrets getting the implants in the first place, Jeffries says she doesn’t — though she does wish she “did it right” the first time.

“I definitely probably would have still done it,” she said. “I just would have gone very, very small, low-profile, and natural. Then I wouldn’t have had to get a lift.”

Jeffries maintains her breast surgeries are the only procedures she’s had done and promised to update fans as she heals and recovers.

“I know this is YouTube, so I’m not going to show you guys my boobs or anything,” she said with a laugh. “But maybe there’ll be a topless paparazzi picture of me on the beach!”