Kori Sidaway said the CHEK News viewer tried to "shame and police" her body

Kori Sidaway
Kori Sidaway
| Credit: Kori Sidaway/Twitter

A Canadian news anchor is calling out a viewer who tried to “shame and police” her body by criticizing her clothing choices.

Kori Sidaway, a journalist at CHEK News in Victoria, British Columbia, shared an email sent to her and her coworkers claiming that she shows “too much cleavage.”

“Dress appropriately,” the anonymous viewer, who signed off as the “Vancouver Island Cleavage Patrol,” wrote. “It was hard work to get there.”

Sidaway posted the email on Twitter, which was sent to her with two photos — one a screenshot of herself on-air, and the other a photo of a headless person (not Sidaway) that the viewer said is “what we actually see” when she is reporting.

“This screenshot was sent to me and my colleagues in an attempt to shame and police my body. Well, I’m taking my power back,” Sidaway wrote.

“To the nameless computer warrior(s) who try to reduce women into an outfit or a body part — this generation of women, doesn’t stand for harassment,” she said.

The news anchor also shared the email on Instagram and added that “unfortunately this happens quite often with women working in the public eye,” but that this email “was one of the worst.”

Sidaway’s tweet garnered hundreds of responses and retweets, many from fellow news anchors and other supporters calling the viewer’s email “shameful” and “appalling.” On Tuesday, she thanked everyone for their encouragement.

“Thank you all for sharing your own stories and kind words,” she wrote. “I feel so much less alone, so supported and so much more empowered. You helped take my lemon and made lemonade.”