Holy Speedo! See Calvin Harris Bare (Almost) All in Photo From Post-Breakup Guys Day

Photo: Source Instagram

Talk about letting it all hang out!

Calvin Harris has been putting in some serious overtime at the gym since his split with Taylor Swift, and now a pal is helping him show off the results of his “break-over” in a very revealing Instagram photo.

Harris has pal Emil Nava to thank for oh-so-casually posted a pic showing Calvin and their group of guy friends posing like statues of Greek gods during what appears to be a recent guy’s trip.

The Speedos are plentiful, as are the abs. It’s safe to say those “leg days” he’s always talking about on social media are definitely paying off!

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And the post has some fans wondering if this could be Harris’s response to the recent underwear photoshoot from Taylor Swift’s new man, Tom Hiddleston?

Sexy pics aside, the DJ has been keeping busy post-split, dropping the new single “Hype” with Dizzee Rascal earlier today.

Meanwhile, ex Taylor Swift and new flame Tom Hiddleston were spotted having a romantic date night in Nashville. The English actor was seen putting his arm around Taylor as they enjoyed a meal with friends at the farm-to-fork restaurant, Adele’s.

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