"Stars with beautiful full-body figures" have caused a spike in butt implant sales, plastic surgeon David Matlock tells PEOPLE

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Kim Kardashian‘s global reach is going beyond her clothing line and insanely popular app – her influence is now supposedly driving people to the plastic surgeon’s office.

Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Matlock believes that Kardashian “absolutely” has had an effect on the demand for Brazilian butt augmentations, along with Jennifer Lopez and other “stars with beautiful full-body figures.”

Matlock – who has performed the procedure on Playboy Playmates Kristina and Karissa Shannon – says that this type of surgery can cost between $15,000 and $35,000.

“The cost is dependent on the weight of the patient and the number and size of body areas to be treated with liposculpturing,” he explains. “It entails buttock design, a liposuction procedure to sculpt the most aesthetically appealing buttocks, harvesting fat [from elsewhere in the body], and processing the fat. Then the fat is injected into the buttocks.”

Matlock says the ideal result produces a butt that “looks like a bowl, top-to-bottom and side-to-side.”

Patients are completely healed in six weeks.

“They can return to work in seven days and return to exercise in two weeks,” Matlock says. “We want them to ‘baby the butt’ for the first two weeks, meaning sleep on their side, and when they sit, sit on the thighs and not directly on the buttocks. This is important because the buttocks are revascularizing the fat for the first two weeks.”

No sitting for two weeks? We’re not sure this is a procedure we can (literally) get behind!