Actress Busy Philipps had to go to the ER at midnight after she "sunburned" her eyes at a photo shoot

By Julie Mazziotta
March 20, 2018 03:20 PM

Busy Philipps had a late-night health scare on Monday after she “sunburned” her eyes.

The actress, 38, was diagnosed with photokeratitis — a painful condition that occurs when the eye is overexposed to UV rays — after spending a full day at a magazine photo shoot.

Philipps documented the agonizing experience on her Instagram Story.

“I can barely see straight. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow,” she said after eating dinner on Monday night. “I’m having some sort of crazy allergic reaction. I can’t open my eyes. It feels like there’s shards of glass.”

Busy Philipps

She attempted to sleep that night, and planned on going to the doctor in the morning, but the pain was too overwhelming.

“I’m going to try to lay down and close my eyes even though when I close my eyes it feels like there are shards of glass inside my eyeballs,” Philipps said.

And by midnight, she couldn’t stand it any longer and had to go to the hospital. Four hours later, she reported back that she had overdone it in the photo shoot lights.

Busy Philipps

“Hey guys, is it cool that we just spent four hours at the emergency room for my eyes? I have photokeratitis. I sunburned my eyes from my photo shoot today,” Philipps said. “It’s so on-brand though. I get one big magazine cover, and I do one photo shoot, and I burn my eyeballs.”

Luckily, by Tuesday morning she was already smiling and laughing with her daughter Birdie, 9, who said: “‘That’s mom, she’s got thick skin, stomach problems and sensitive eyes.’ “