Busy Philipps Lands in Hospital with Knee Injury Following a 'Humiliating' Fall

"So on brand it hurts," the actress wrote on Instagram


Busy Philipps landed in the ER following a nasty spill — and she took to social media to relay the entire painful experience.

“You guys, I like just, super brutally fell to the ground in the street. It was horrible,” the actress said in a series of Instagram Stories on Saturday, July 21. “Like, I’m going to start crying. I don’t know what happened.”

She added: “I was walking and then I was kind of like walking around a parking meter and then I fell off the curb and like flew into the street and all these people like, came rushing up,” she said, explaining that her lost her coffee drink in the process.

But the injury didn’t stop her from getting a new drink. “I said to the guy, ‘The only thing more humiliating than the fact that I just fell into the street is that I destroyed my new Starbucks. Will you give me another one?’ He said ok.”

Later, the actress, who is currently promoting her new memoir This Will Only Hurt a Little, posted a photo of herself from the hospital bed on Instagram with along with an update on her condition.

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“So on brand it hurts. But really. It f—— hurts. 😂😭😐😵😬👋🏼🤷‍♀️*** update! My knee isn’t broken! 🙏🏻 But the orthopedist wants me to get an MRI next week since it’s the same knee I have a pin in-(and he wants me to use crutches🙄),” she said.

In a later Instagram Stories video, though, Philipps said she wasn’t following her doctor’s orders.

“I gave the crutches up,” she said. “I can’t do it. It’s stupid.”

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