Busy Philipps Says Exercise Helps Her Anxiety and Stops Her from Binge Eating: 'I Feel Better'

Busy Philipps says she sweats every day to ease her anxiety and depression, and cut down on binge eating

Photo: Source: Busy Philipps/Instagram

Busy PhilippsInstagram is a source of serious fitspiration — for her followers, and for herself.

The actress posts sweaty selfies almost every day, and says that she does them to hold herself accountable.

“Someone asked me if people like my sweaty Instagram stories and my feeling is that, honestly, I don’t really care all that much. I post those for myself, as a f— yes for showing up,” Philipps, 37, posted on Instagram.

She says that exercise is vital to her mental health.

“I have anxiety and I have a tendency towards depression but I have found if I sweat like this, EVERY SINGLE DAY, I feel better, I’m calmer, I’m a better mom and those fogs of anxiety or sadness seem a little lighter,” Philipps says. “I’ve been picking my skin less, engaging in less binge eating and I’ve just felt better about myself.”

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Philipps is a regular at LEKfit and SoulCycle, but she isn’t taking the classes to lose weight.

“My goal is not some perfect bod (I like chips and salsa and margs too much for that),” she says. “My goal is to feel the best I can in my body and my brain for the rest of my life.”

And when Philipps says she hits the gym every day, she’s seriously telling the truth — she even went to a trampoline class two days after accompanying BFF Michelle Williams to the Oscars.

“Jumping off my 2 day hangover!!!” she posted. “All the tequila is draining from my body.”

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