Busy Philipps Is 'Already So Excited' About Throwing a 'First Period Party' for Her Daughters

The actress is a mother to two girls: daughter Cricket Pearl 6, and Birdie Leigh, 10

Busy Philipps is ready to help her daughters embrace their first periods.

On Friday afternoon, the 40-year-old actress retweeted an article by HelloGiggles which encouraged parents to throw period parties for their daughters when they first experience menstruation.

“I don’t even need to read this, I am already so excited to throw a first period party for my girls!” Philipps wrote, adding two heart emojis and a sparkle emoji.

Of course, Philipps may still have several years ahead of her before either one of her daughters — Cricket Pearl, 6, and Birdie Leigh, 10 — reaches this important milestone. On average, most girls get their first period between the ages of 12 and 13, although it can also happen sooner or later, according to WebMD.

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Underscoring some of the many reasons why girls could benefit from period parties, the HelloGiggles article points out that the celebratory events are a great time to help young women learn about what to expect from their periods.

“If your daughter goes to a friends’ or older relatives’ first period parties, she’ll learn more about what to expect for herself in an open dialogue, where unfortunately taboo subjects can be addressed freely without judgment or shame,” the article explains, adding that the bash would also be a great place for young women to “laugh at their menstruation mistakes rather than feel gross for leaking or staining their clothes.”

In addition to teaching girls to celebrate their changing bodies, period parties are also a great way for youngsters to stock up on all the supplies they’ll need.

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Of course, there is one other reason to throw your daughter a period party.

“Lastly, and most bluntly, we deserve a damn party,” the article states, adding that young girls go through a lot, and couldn’t be more deserving of some time to celebrate themselves.

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