Wealthy Entrepreneur Reversed His Biological Age with a $2 Million Treatment Program

Bryan Johnson, 45, has a team of more than 30 physicians working to keep him young by trying out the latest treatments

Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson. Photo: Kyle Grillot/Bloomberg via Getty

Wealthy software entrepreneur Bryan Johnson, 45, has one goal: To have the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, tendons, teeth, skin, hair, bladder, penis and rectum of an 18-year-old.

To accomplish the feat, he will spend at least $2 million this year on a medical program that has more than 30 doctors monitoring his bodily functions. Led by regenerative medicine physician Oliver Zolman, 29, the team aims to reverse the aging process in every organ.

To do so, Johnson and Zolman scour scientific literature and use Johnson as a guinea pig for promising treatments.

"The body delivers a certain configuration at age 18," Johnson told Bloomberg Businessweek in an interview published Wednesday. "This really is an impassioned approach to achieve age 18 everywhere."

Dubbed "Project Blueprint," the program includes strict guidelines for diet (1,977 vegan calories per day), exercise (one hour per day, with 25 different exercises, and high-intensity three times per week), and sleep (at the same time every night, after wearing blue-light-blocking glasses for two hours).

According to the article, Johnson starts each day at 5 a.m., when he takes supplements and medicines including lycopene for artery and skin health; metformin to prevent bowel polyps; turmeric, black pepper, and ginger root for liver enzymes and to reduce inflammation; zinc to supplement his vegan diet; and a microdose of lithium for brain health.

He works out, and then downs a green juice full of creatine, cocoa flavanols, collagen peptides, and more.

Throughout the day, he tweaks his meals based on his latest test results.

On a monthly basis, he undergoes a battery of medical procedures, then examines the outcome with blood tests, MRIs, ultrasounds, and colonoscopies. He even has a medical suite in his Venice, Calif. home.

Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson. Horacio Villalobos - Corbis/Getty

"I treat athletes and Hollywood celebrities, and no one is pushing the envelope as much as Bryan," Jeff Toll, an internist on the team, told Bloomberg Businessweek.

And it's working. Tests show he has reduced his biological age by five years, Bloomberg Businessweek reported, offering that findings suggest he has the heart of a 37-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old, and the lung capacity and fitness of an 18-year-old.

Toll told Bloomberg Businessweek, "All of the markers we are tracking have been improving remarkably."

Dr. Zolman, however, sees things differently.

"We have not achieved any remarkable results," he told Bloomberg Businessweek. "In Bryan, we have achieved small, reasonable results, and it's to be expected."

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Johnson continues to focus on his goal of reversing the aging process.

"What I do may sound extreme, but I'm trying to prove that self-harm and decay are not inevitable," he told Bloomberg Businessweek.

Not only does he post his entire course of treatment and test results on his website, but he hopes to get others on board through Rejuvenation Olympics, which encourages those seeking the fountain of youth to follow medical research, and participate in the competition.

"If you say that you want to live forever or defeat aging, that's bad —i t's a rich person thing," Johnson told Bloomberg Businessweek. "If it's more akin to a professional sport, it's entertainment. It has the virtues of establishing standards and protocols. It benefits everyone in a systemic way."

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