Brooklinn Khoury Gives Update on Lip Reconstruction: 'Everything Is Healing Perfectly'

The pro skateboarder, who lost her top lip and parts of her nose after she was attacked by a pit bull in 2020, is keeping fans abreast of her step-by-step surgical processes brookhoury Verified Little update, blood supply to the lip is still strong!! All the quilting sutures are out! Just waiting for more swelling to go down, but everything is healing perfectly ! 41m
Photo: Brooklinn Khoury/Instagram

Brooklinn Khoury is moving right along with reconstruction surgery and letting fans see how her progress is coming along in what she hopes will be her final procedure.

In a video posted to Instagram Friday, Khoury — who lost her upper lip and part of her nose after being attacked by a pit bull in 2020 — gave a brief explanation of the latest stage in her healing process following her latest reconstructive procedure.

"I had my surgery two days ago, and today I'll be getting my quilting sutures out," the 23-year-old explained, indicating her upper lip. "Quilting sutures are the blue ones that you see."

"My surgeon puts those in to press down on the skin to keep it from being very swollen, and to maintain the shape of the lip," she further clarified.

Khoury ended her video following the removal of the stitches by captioning it triumphantly: "All the quilting sutures are out, and the blood flow is still strong!"

She added, "Just waiting for more swelling to go down, but everything is healing perfectly!"

On Thursday, the pro skateboarder posted a series of photos on social media of her face after what she expects to be her last procedure. Khoury has now undergone seven reconstructive surgeries since the attack.

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The full healing process can take up to six weeks, Khoury previously explained, adding that right after the surgery, she won't have any feeling in her upper lip, which will take up to four months to be restored.

Ahead of her surgery, Khoury opened up to PEOPLE about what this procedure entailed and how she feels coming closer to the end of this long journey.

"Basically, my doctor is recreating the top lip in this surgery — creating a Cupid's bow and central columns. So kind of making my lip look more aesthetic," Khoury told PEOPLE, noting that her surgeries typically take all day to complete. "My doctor's very cautious and wants to do everything perfectly."

Looking to the future, Khoury says she is eager to put these surgeries behind her and resume the high-velocity lifestyle she led prior to the attack.

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"That's one of the hardest things is just having to sit still and kind of refocus my attention into not being active and hiking, biking, surfing and skating," she says. "But we're almost at the finish line."

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