Brooke Shields Gets Candid About How Her Sex Life 'Has Evolved' and She's Come to Accept Her Body at Any Age

In a recent interview, Brooke Shields said she believes it's a "misconception" that a woman is no longer sexy when she reaches a certain age

Brooke Shields
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Brooke Shields is getting real about finding confidence and embracing sexiness at any age.

On Monday, the 56-year-old actress told Yahoo! Life she believes it's a "misconception" that a woman is no longer sexy when she reaches a certain age.

"The acceptance of our bodies comes at a later date," she continued. "I live much more in my body now than I ever did. My body actually feels like it belongs to me. And I can't say that about my youth."

She also called out another "misconception" that women who can't conceive children "don't seem to matter to the world. Because you do not keep the world going anymore," adding, "There's vitality in us. And I think that shows itself sexually."

"It shows itself with an adventure," the supermodel said. "It shows itself in confidence. We walk into rooms now and kind of think, well, I got nothing to lose. There's an uncomplicated nature to it. Confidence is the sexiest thing that I've ever encountered."

Noting a time she recently wore a bathing suit while visiting her family, Shields said, "I wanted to challenge myself. It was just this sort of celebration and doing something a little uncomfortable."

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Brooke Shields
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This year, Shields launched Beginning Is Now to serve as a self-care platform for women over 40.

She shared her own experience with reaching the milestone and explained, "40 felt that, all of a sudden, I was an adult. Fertility was changing for me. It was difficult for me to have children. I did IVF seven times."

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"And my career, I was being told sort of, 'Oh, you're not viable once you're 40," Shields added. "We're not at the end the way people are living now. We're at a new beginning. And so I kept saying I just feel like I'm beginning. I just feel like I'm beginning."

Shields later got candid about her sex life, revealing how "it has really evolved" over the years.

"My 20s, I was always terrified of it, because I was a virgin until I was 22," Shields continued. "You know, I thought I was committing an offense to humanity for being a Catholic, not married, and I had so much guilt. My 30s, it wasn't really about being sexy. It was having your body work to create something. That was like a 10-year kind of journey."

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She explained how her 40s were a turning point, saying: "And it wasn't until my 40s that I started thinking of sex as my experience, not someone else's experience that I just navigated. What I want my daughters to know is that it's a joint decision. Even with as woke as everybody is, you'd be shocked at how they see themselves within relationships."

Shields, who shares daughters Rowan, 18, and Grier, 15, with husband Christopher Henchy, said, "I don't want them ever to feel used. I want them to feel more in control and not ashamed of anything. I do have a wonderful husband who celebrates me. He loves me at every stage, which I'm very blessed by."

"I'm not tied to what the outside is for my self-esteem. And I think that's a miracle coming through this business and being in it as long as I have. My currency wasn't the outside. It's about vitality, not aging."

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