British Heiress Tamara Ecclestone Breastfeeds Her Nearly 3-Year-Old Daughter in Stunning Photos

Tamara Ecclestone posed for photos while nursing her daughter Sophia for the book Breastfeeding Goddesses

Photo: Ivette Ivens

Tamara Ecclestone has been sharing photos of herself breastfeeding her daughter Sophia since she was a baby, and was surprised by the negative reactions she received.

“When I first posted a photo of myself breastfeeding, I did not think anything of it,” Ecclestone, 32, the daughter of Formula One billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, tells PEOPLE. “It was simply an image of a candid moment that I shared with my daughter Sophia. The negative comments I received did not affect me, and on the contrary made me want to stand up and show my support for all the breastfeeding moms out there who are being judged daily for trying to do their best as a parent.”

Ivette Ivens

Ecclestone says she plans on continuing to breastfeed Sophia, who is nearly 3, until she no longer wants to be breastfed.

“I will stop whenever my daughter is ready to stop,” she says. “Sophia finds breastfeeding very comforting and as a mom, that’s all I care about.”

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Because of her strong support of the #NormalizeBreastfeeding movement, Ecclestone didn’t hesitate to pose for photos nursing Sophia for Chicago-based breastfeeding photographer Ivette Ivens’ new book, Breastfeeding Goddesses.

“Just like Tamara, I’ve received many negative comments for breastfeeding my children in public and when I saw that she’s receiving the same treatment I did, I felt a big urge to fight back and show the world how divine it actually is,” says Ivens, who shot the heiress and her daughter for a series of photos featured in the book. “Normalizing breastfeeding is my passion and mission, and my camera is my weapon in this instance.”

Ivette Ivens

Ecclestone hopes that by posing for photos while breastfeeding, it can help to remove any stigma from the act.

“I think it’s really sad that something so innocent and natural is still frowned upon by some people,” she says. “The hatred that breastfeeding mothers receive is simply astonishing. I believe that all mothers should support each other regardless of their parenting choices. My hope is that by the time my daughter grows up, all of this hatred will be gone, and an image of a mother breastfeeding her child won’t evoke any emotion other than love.”

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