New moms shared photos of the rooms where they pump breast milk to win the Scary Pump Rooms contest and win a makeover

Supply closets, mail storage spaces and electrical server rooms are pretty low on the list of cool spots to hang out. Unfortunately for many new moms, they’re forced to spend time in places like these — just to pump breast milk while away from their babies.

While the Break Time for Nursing Mothers law requires offices to provide hourly employees a private spot to pump during the work day, it doesn’t specify anything else about the space, leaving many new moms to put up with some pretty scary and gross locations. The Scary Mommy blog and baby supply company Tommee Tippee are teaming up to give new moms a more pleasant environment with their Scary Pump Rooms contest.

New moms can submit photos of their work-provided lactation rooms for the chance to win a total makeover. The contest is now down to four finalists, and voting ends Friday.

Scary Pump Rooms
Scary Pump Rooms
Scary Pump Rooms

“Every breastfeeding mom who pumps at work deserves a clean, comfortable and private space to pump breast milk for their baby,” said Jenny Lockwood Mullaney, the vice president of marketing at Tommee Tippee.

“We’ve launched this search as a way to raise awareness of the issue, encourage employers to make improvements to their spaces and, ultimately, to make life easier for new moms heading back to work — whether that’s by renovating a pump room or providing a conversation starter for moms looking to have an actionable dialog with their employer about pump room improvements.”

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It’s up to you now, America, to decide which lactation room is the worst of the worst!