Texas Mom Outraged After a Waitress Threw a Napkin Over Her While She was Breastfeeding at a Sushi Restaurant

"I don't think you should be shamed for it for sure," Dylan Downing says of breastfeeding in public

Photo: KHOU 11 News

Dylan Downing was breastfeeding her 2-month-old son Mason while out to lunch a Texas sushi restaurant.

“I needed to nurse, he needed to eat, and I just fed him,” Downing told Houston’s KHOU 11 News.

Downing was alarmed when a waitress at the restaurant approached her and placed a cloth napkin over her and her baby.

“I ripped it off and said, ‘Why are you touching me and covering my child?’ ” recalled Downing.

The waitress, Rattana, told KHOU 11 that she was just trying to help cover Downing after three male costumers at a nearby table complained about her exposed breast.

“I understand she has to feed the baby,” she said. “I don’t mind if she feeds the baby but I just tried to help to cover, that’s it.”

Downing shared a photo of her receipt from the meal on Facebook, showing that she did not leave a tip. She added, “Do not touch breastfeeding women!”

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Rattana has since apologized to Downing, and Downing has accepted her apology. She hopes the incident will open up further conversation of public breastfeeding and makes it more accepted.

“I don’t go out of my way to shout from the rooftops, ‘Everybody free the nipple.’ I definitely believe in it, and I think you should breastfeed wherever you want,” said Downing. “I don’t think you should be shamed for it for sure.”

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