Sexy Cleavage vs. Breastfeeding in Public Experiment Highlights Disturbing Double Standards

YouTuber Joey Salads sought out to expose the public's hypocritical policy on boob exposure


In part two of his breastfeeding in public social experiment, YouTuber Joey Salads set out to see if a woman showcasing a hefty amount of cleavage would get the same reactions as a mom exposing part of her chest while feeding her son.

The results were disheartening, to say the least.

When Jameelah, the first participant, sits on a shopping center bench for an hour in a low-cut top, she garners a lot of lingering looks from men, but only one person approaches her – to flirt.

New mom Emily has quite a different experience on the same bench. Notably, since even as her son eats, her sweater covers more skin than Jameelah’s top.

“Seriously ma’am do you have to do that here, it’s disgusting,” one man stops to tell the new mom.

The declaration that Emily’s breastfeeding is “disgusting” is repeated time and time again by passersby. However, one expecting mother does sit down and show her support for Emily, sparking a conversation about new motherhood.

The hypocrisy of the strangers’ outrage is most evident when the two women are seated together on a sidewalk bench.

“That’s disgusting ma’am, I don’t appreciate your tit being out like that,” a stranger tells Emily.

“Her boobs are out too,” Joey retorts, pointing to Jameelah’s gravity-eschewing top. “If you have a problem with that boob being out you should have a problem with that boob being out too.”

But the breast-fearing pedestrian is unconvinced. “That’s different, that’s just how her shirt is, that’s fine, it’s not gross,” he says.

One man is even more forward about his belief that a woman should only reveal her body if it’s sexually appealing to the menfolk of the world. “Because that’s hot, and that’s just disgusting,” he explains of why Jameelah is appropriate for public and Emily is not.

“So that’s ok because it’s hot, but this is not okay because it’s something natural and you think it’s disgusting?” Joey says, giving the man a chance to reconsider his thinking. Wholly expectedly, he does not take the opportunity to thoughtfully reflect on his sexist ways.

As frustrating as the video is, it’s just one of many examples of women being shamed and attacked for feeding their babies in public, even as luxury gym Equinox launched an ad campaign featuring a glamorous mom breastfeeding twins.

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