From Burned Noses to Ruptured Breasts — the 'Botched' Doctors Share the Craziest New Stories

Doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow share the craziest plastic surgery stories from the new season of Botched

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Just when you think Botched can’t get any more wild, the doctors turn it up a notch.

Ahead of the show’s season five premiere, doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif shared a few of the craziest surgeries viewers can expect to see.

“I kid you not, this season is really different, for two reasons,” Dubrow tells PEOPLE. “One, it’s the funniest season we’ve ever done. Just a lot of funny life situations that make you laugh out loud. And number two, this season is unique because a lot of the patients came to plastic surgeons not necessarily just to have cosmetic surgery, but because they had deformities or weird things happen to them. Or their plastic surgeons gave them really bad advice.”

One example is a patient with a skin condition who tried a homeopathic treatment that burned a hole in her nose that her plastic surgeon ruined further. Another couldn’t afford to fix her breast augmentation and instead took some extremely questionable advice from her surgeon: “Her surgeon said, ‘If you go home and stab your breasts with needles and rupture them, the implant company will send you free new ones and save you money.’ And sure enough she went home and started stabbing herself in the chest,” Dubrow says. “What it did to her breasts was crazy.”

The premiere episode features a returning patient named Pixee Fox, who came up with many of the hundreds of surgeries she’s undergone throughout the years — including getting her pubic hairs inserted into her eyelashes.

“This is something we’re seeing more, especially with patients from outside of this country. They love body modification, they love having things done that we don’t do in this country,” Nassif says. “For example, putting pubic hair on your eyelashes. What practitioner in this country would do something that ridiculous?”

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Dubrow says that they’re seeing more patients inventing procedures, like Pixee Fox, or trying things at home.

“Because of the internet you can get access to things you could only dream of before, whether it’s injecting yourself at home with botox from a foreign country, or silicone, or illegal fillers, or homeopathic treatments,” he says. “It’s really the era of don’t try this at home, but we’re seeing an explosion of people doing just that.”

“They’re looking at Google and trying to do things, it’s crazy,” Nassif agrees.

Dubrow says that butt implants in particular are worrisome because of their popularity.

“That turned out to be one of the most dangerous procedures in plastic surgery and probably should be banned,” he says. “We see some really impossible cases in season 5 where the buttock is completely destroyed. There’s more of that happening, despite the fact that the plastic surgery community is warning about the dangers of butt augmentations, but they’re not banning it because that’s how they make their money. And we have a big problem with that.”

Beyond the plastic surgery, Dubrow jokes that there’s more to look forward to this season.

“Paul has a very different social situation going on. Paul has a girlfriend. So stay tuned.”

Botched premieres Dec. 6 at 9 p.m. on E!

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