The Botched doctors take on patients in season 4 who have had extreme body modification surgery


On the new season of Botched, German resident Martina Big — who has the largest breast implants in Europe — seeks out Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif to give her equally large butt implants.

“When she came in I thought, ‘Why would someone want to do this to their body and have something so heavy on the front of their chest that could damage them?’ ” Nassif, 55, tells PEOPLE. “I still ponder what gets in people’s minds and souls, why they do the things they do. Her breasts stuck out about two feet. That means her butt would be more like a cartoon character because it would have to stick out two feet.”

Nassif says butt implants can result in issues, even when they aren’t extremely large.

“There can be malposition or a functional problem, and there’s risk of infection or breakdown of the skin,” he explains. “Something that big, if you put it in there, it’s going to cause a problem. It’s not reasonable.”

Dubrow, 58, says Big is just one of the patients on season 4 of Botched who has undergone extreme plastic surgery before coming to meet with them.

“This season we explore the extremely out-there periphery of body modification surgery,” he tells PEOPLE. “This season is so completely different than the seasons we’ve had before. We took on cases that seemed impossible and we had some significant complications of our own. It was a riskier, scarier season, and we made some people worse before better. It was an anxiety-producing season for both Paul and I. We ran into some serious stuff.”

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Even though the doctors take on riskier patients, they promise this season will feature the amazing before and afters that fans have come to expect of the show.

“Some of the transformations are still absolutely incredible,” says Nassif. “We’re really changing people’s lives.”

Season 4 of Botched premieres Sunday at 9p.m. ET/PT on E!