9 of the Wildest Plastic Surgery Stories on 'Botched'

From nose jobs to boob jobs, these are the wildest Botched plastic surgeries faced by Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif on the show

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Tawny Kitaen

Tawny Kitaen in BotchedCredit: E!

Even though Kitaen was at the height of her career in the 80s, she felt that her breasts were holding her back. She decided to get implants, but her doctors took advantage of her.

“When I was under, the doctors took the liberty of putting in the size that they felt was going to suit me,” she says. “And then it gets worse. So I go back to the doctors and say, ‘Look, they’re too big,’ [and they say] ‘Great, we’ll take them out and make your implants smaller.’ Within six months, the implants started slipping through the mesh. And now the implants are down to the bottom of my rib cage.”

Now the star of Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again" video is hoping that the Botched doctors can take out her implants, and get her breast back to their correct position.

“There is truly a lot hanging on this exam,” Kitaen says. “Me getting my life back, me getting back into life, me being happy."

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Alicia Amira


Amira's goal of looking like a "blowdoll" landed her an appointment with the Botched doctors.

"I just started, one year ago, to transform myself. It’s called bimbofication," said the 27-year-old, who is hoping to get a Brazilian butt lift, and a rib removal to "[shrink] the waist."

She also wants "bigger boobs" despite having a complication from a breast enlargement that took her from "from nothing" to a to a larger size with 650cc’s of saline.

"I got an infection, which now the right boob is much harder than the other one," Amira said.

As for the most unusual thing Amira wanted done?

"At one point I even thought about sowing my fingers together because that would create like a doll hand,” she added. "I don’t know how that would work."

At that request, Dr. Terry Dubrow just has two words: “Yeah no.”

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Penny Brown


Brown went to the Botched doctors to correct scarring on her breasts from multiple augmentations, but Dubrow and Nassif are shocked by her waist. Using a waist trainer, Brown shrunk her torso from 38 inches to just 28.

“Penny’s got the highest breast-to-waist ratio I’ve ever seen,” Dubrow said.

Brown says she once got her waist down to 23 inches by wearing a trainer 23 hours a day and only eating certain foods, and plans to do that again.

“You have to eat very regular, small meals, and there are certain things you have to cut out of your diet like spicy foods, and anything carbonated, and all sorts of stuff like that,” she explained. “It’s like a lifestyle, but as long as you obey the rules of having squished organs.”

Nassif, though, is against using waist trainers.

“I don’t like the idea of waist training. I’ve read about so many complications in regards to lung problems, intestinal issues,” he said.

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Rodrigo Alves, aka the 'Human Ken Doll'

Rodrigo "Human Ken Doll" AlvesCredit: E!

Alves certainly loves his plastic surgery — he's undergone 51 different operations and 105 aesthetic treatments, costing an estimated $465,000 — but after getting three nose jobs in the span of 12 to 15 months, he can no longer breathe through his nose.

“His nostrils are so small, and after what he’s gone through with the MRSA [staph infection], this is probably one of the worst results and complications that I’ve seen in my entire career,” Dr. Paul Nassif said.

Nassif says that any further surgery is too risky right now.

“If you try to insult your skin one more time now while it’s healing, there’s a high possibility that if you let one of these doctors touch your nose now, this will turn black and then die and fall off.”

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Martina Big

Botched MartinaCredit: E!

For Big, anything bigger is better. She already has the largest breast implant in Europe, and now she wants equally large butt implants.

“When she came in I thought, ‘Why would someone want to do this to their body and have something so heavy on the front of their chest that could damage them?’ ” Nassif told PEOPLE. “I still ponder what gets in people’s minds and souls, why they do the things they do. Her breasts stuck out about two feet. That means her butt would be more like a cartoon character because it would have to stick out two feet.”

Nassif warned that butt implants of any size — but especially the size Big wants — can cause issues.

“There can be malposition or a functional problem, and there’s risk of infection or breakdown of the skin,” he explains. “Something that big, if you put it in there, it’s going to cause a problem. It’s not reasonable.”

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Jonathan Dylan


After two years of getting regular lip injections, Dylan still isn't satisfied.

“I want my lips to be bigger,” Dylan told the doctors. “Growing up, I’ve always been obsessed with dolls. And I really wanted to look like that!”

But he's already unable to close his lips, a condition Dubrow said is called "lip incompetence."

“That means he already has too much filler in his lip and to go any further could cause him very significant problems,” Dr. Dubrow explained.

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Kailan Wagler


After a breast surgery gone wrong, Wagler spends her mornings giving herself a DIY breast lift — with duct tape.

“When I wake up in the morning, my first thought is usually duct tape. What color am I gonna have?” Wagler said. “You have silver tape for working out. You want to go hunting? I’ve got camo duct tape.”

The mom of two hopes that the doctors can find a solution.

“It is time to change this. It’s time to change it for me, for my husband. It’s time to change it for my boys,” she says. “My breasts, they’ve trapped me in a prison that I feel like I can’t get out of. And duct tape rules my life.”

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Lucy and Anna DeCinque

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The sisters are known as the "World's Most Identical Twins," and they visit the doctors hoping to solidify their title by correcting a botched boob job that left them mismatched.

“We eat the same, sleep the same, talk the same, but unfortunately, these aren’t the same,” the DeCinques said in unison, while pointing to their breasts. “Waking up from surgery we looked at our breasts, and were like, ‘I just don’t think they’re identical.’ ”

The twins have already spent $200,000 on plastic surgery to ensure that they look exactly alike, but they want to make their breasts bigger than their current double D's, and fix scarring.

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Kelli Johnson


Johnson started modeling at the age of 10, but when she was 16 a photographer told her she needed to change her appearance to truly succeed in the industry. His words led Johnson to get a nose job, but she didn't end up with the results she wanted.

“Immediately after the surgery, I knew something was wrong,” Johnson remembers. “First of all, there was a piece of cartilage sticking out. He kept telling me, ‘Oh it’s just swelling. Don’t worry!’ But I knew something was wrong because my nostrils were different sizes and shapes. I was mortified.”

After a year, the doctor agreed to fix it for free, but that only made the problem worse.

“I could see bone, blood — I was just like, ‘Oh my God, what am I doing?’ ” she says. “But I had to go back in and let him finish."

Though her nose looked straight immediately after her second surgery, it started leaning to the left days later. “I just said forget it,” Johnson recalls. “I gave up my modeling dreams.”

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