Although Courtney Barnes was not feeling any pain, she said she needs "to know what’s going on with this butt"

By Maria Pasquini
November 25, 2019 09:45 AM

This Botched patient wants to have a little less junk in the trunk.

In a clip from Monday’s episode, Courtney Barnes speaks with Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow about getting her problematic butt injections removed.

“Thank you for seeing me,” she said, while moving her posterior around to show the doctors what they would be working with.

“A combination of thoughts are running through my mind. Shock, intrigue, even fear over what is really in there,” Nassif said.

Trying to get some more information, Dubrow asked, “How did you get to this place? What did you have injected into your butt?”

“The lady who injected me told me it was hydrogel,” replied Barnes.

Noting why the type of injectable could cause problems, Dubrow explained that hydrogel “attracts water and gets incorporated into the tissues,” which can lead to “potential serious disasters.”

"Botched" Drs. Take on Butt Injections Gone Wrong | E!
Courtney Barnes
| Credit: E!

While Barnes said she wasn’t experiencing any pain from her injections yet, she was suffering from a few other problems.

“If you press into it, you feel — you feel stuff,” she said, as Dubrow asked her if she was referring to having some “hard areas” in her derriere.

“Yes,” Barnes replied, adding that she was also dealing with some “discoloration.”

Barnes said she hopes the doctors will be able to remove the injections so she can “have a smaller butt.”

“Why don’t we go in the exam room and take a look,” replied Dubrow.

“Doc, you might need a drink before we go in. I might need a drink,” Barnes said with a laugh. “People are intrigued with this butt. They need to know what’s going on — I need to know what’s going on with this butt.”

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