'Botched' Patient Wants to Add Even More Fat to Her Butt After it Went 'Flat'

Botched patient Patricia Washington already underwent a Brazilian butt lift, but she wants to add more fat

Patricia Washington already underwent a Brazilian butt lift, but she’s still unhappy with the shape of her rear end.

Washington, 31, tells the Botched doctors that she has two personas — Patricia, a steel mill worker who turns molten steel into solid form by day — and her after-work identity, Supa Woman.

“Today you have met Supa Woman,” Washington tells doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif in this exclusive clip from Tuesday’s episode of Botched. “Patricia is the steel worker. Supa Woman is who I transform into.”

“Patricia is a very strange dichotomy,” Dr. Dubrow says. “I don’t really understand it, but I’ll be honest with you — it is so cool.”

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As Supa Woman, Washington is all about her butt, and had it pumped up with fat.

“The thing that’s the most prominent is the buttock area,” Dr. Dubrow says during her evaluation. “So you had liposuction and fat grafting into the buttock area, a Brazilian butt lift.”

He asks Washington how much fat she had injected into her butt, and she explains that over two injections, she has a total of 2,100 cc’s in each butt cheek.

“I’m happy with the size, but the shape — it kind of took on a flat kind of surface on it,” Washington says, explaining that she thinks adding more fat will round out her butt.


Drs. Dubrow and Nassif are visibly shocked by the idea of adding more fat to her butt, and ask Washington’s friend for her opinion.

“I don’t think she needs more fat. I think she’s beautiful the way that she is,” her friend says.

And Dr. Dubrow takes a level approach to Washington’s suggestion.

“In order to figure out whether it’s a good idea to do that or not, why don’t we go in the exam room and take a careful look and figure out what your options might be,” he says.

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