'Botched' Doctors Treat Patient Unable to Close His Mouth: 'I'm Obsessed with Lip Injections'

Jonathan Dylan tries to convince the Botched doctors to give him more lip injections

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Jonathan Dylan has been getting lip fillers consistently for two years. But how many injections are too many?

In an exclusive sneak peek at this week’s episode of Botched, the 27-year-old goes to Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow for help — but he isn’t looking to correct a surgery, he’s looking to feed his habit.

“I want my lips to be bigger,” Dylan tells the doctors in the clip. “Growing up, I’ve always been obsessed with dolls. And I really wanted to look like that!”

So, when he was 25 years old, Dylan began getting lip injections, he says in the exclusive video, adding that he undergoes the procedure every three months. He has so many fillers that he is unable to close his mouth completely, a condition the doctors call “lip incompetence.”

“That means he already has too much filler in his lip and to go any further could cause him very significant problems,” Dr. Dubrow explains.

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Dylan loves to show off his plump lips to his nearly 8,000 Instagram followers. Although old photos compared with new ones show a sizeable difference in the man’s lips, Dylan insists they could be plumper.

“I honestly don’t think they’re big,” he says in another look at the upcoming episode. “I mean, look at it. They’re not that big.”

In the end, the doctors don’t grant Dylan’s wish, but they do take a look at the star’s lips to determine whether any damage has already been done.

Botched airs Sundays at 9 p.m. (ET) on E!

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