Bob Harper Shares 'Extremely Private' Photo of Himself in a Coma a Year After His Heart Attack

Bob Harper is still healing mentally and physically following his heart attack last year

Bob Harper is still healing mentally and physically following his heart attack last year.

In an intensely emotional post on Instagram Friday, Harper shared a chilling photo of himself while he was in a coma last year. The former The Biggest Loser trainer, 52, wrote that it was an “extremely private photo.”

His reason for sharing? Harper recently achieved a major milestone in his emotional recovery, training in the same room he had experienced his heart attack.

“This was me 1 year and 10 days ago, in a coma. TODAY I just did 18.1 (a CrossFit workout for those of you that don’t know) @bricknewyork in the same room where I went into cardiac arrest,” he wrote in the caption.

“To say I am grateful for my life is a MAJOR understatement. The whole time I did that workout I just kept saying to myself “I’m still here”. I am doing the #crossfitopen2018 because I AM STILL HERE!! Thank you to my #crossfitfamilyand non CrossFit family for all of your encouragement. I’ll talk more about this today in my #twocupsin post. I am so LUCKY and SO GRATEFUL!!”

In January, the personal trainer told PEOPLE Now he went through an “identity crisis” after he was released from the hospital.

“Think about it. I was the workout guy. I was the one you came to want to workout and ask for health advice,” he said, adding he battled with depression.

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He continued, “I had to go back to the drawing board and find out what my purpose was. Who I am. I had to go through a lot personally and emotionally.”


Despite struggling with the emotional toll, Harper said, “I’m feeling good. I’m feeling strong. I’m really excited about the new ventures that I’m doing.”

Looking back, Harper said he knew exactly what he would tell himself just after his heart attack.

“I guess, I would tell myself that it was all going to be okay, and that you are going to find a way on this new path and it’s all going to work out,” he said. “I really do believe that you can’t stress on the big things or the little things and I really try to live that way every day.”

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