Bob Harper Still in Disbelief Over His Heart Attack: 'I Just Keep Saying to Myself, WTF!!?'

Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper says he had a "super emotional" day as he deals with the aftermath of his heart attack

Bob Harper/Twitter.

Bob Harper is on the mend, but he hasn’t quite gotten over the shock of his heart attack.

The Biggest Loser host and trainer, 51, shared his feelings Thursday following a visit to the doctor.

“KARL has always kept his eyes on me but since the heart attack, he is VELCRO,” Harper says of his rescue dog. “Today has been a SUPER EMOTIONAL day which my doctor said was normal with the traumatic event I went through.”

“I just keep saying to myself, WTF!!? How did I have a f—— heart attack!!!?!? I really appreciate all the love and support that all of you have given me. THANK YOU SO MUCH”

Harper suffered a heart attack on Feb. 12, PEOPLE confirmed on Monday. He was reportedly working out at a New York City gym when he collapsed, and was unconscious in a hospital for two day. The fitness expert says heart problems run in his family, and his mother died of a heart attack.

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Harper’s dog Karl has been by his side throughout his recovery, and he’s been posting updates about his health on Instagram.

“On the road to recovery,” Harper posted Tuesday. “I’m required to wear these monitors to see what my heart is doing throughout the day. I feel like a robot from WESTWORLD thank you all for your kindness. You have no idea how much it helps.”

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