Bob Harper Does Burpees 3 Months After Heart Attack: 'I'm Getting Closer to Coming Back'

On Saturday, Bob Harper shared video of himself doing burpees to his Instagram page — taken three months after his life-threatening heart attack

It’s been only three months since Bob Harper suffered a life-threatening heart attack that left him in a coma for two days. But the 51-year-old Biggest Loser trainer is slowing working his way back to his regular fitness routine.

On Saturday, Harper shared video of himself doing burpees to his Instagram page — taken during his Friday rehab session on the three-month anniversary of his attack.

“I’m getting closer to coming back,” the star wrote in the post’s caption. “I did some burpees in my rehab yesterday to get a feel and see how my heart rate responded. The top notch team there kept a very watchful eye on me. ONE DAY AT A TIME.”

He addressed the post to fitness brand Crossfit and their most recognizable face Dave Castro. A Crossfit alum himself, Harper has been documenting his journey back to the class ever since he went into cardiac arrest on Feb. 12 following a workout at New York City’s BRICK gym.

Source: Bob Harper/Instagram

First there were walks on a treadmill, then longer cardiac rehab exercises on a stationary bike and an ergometer.

On Thursday, Harper tweeted that he took his first fitness class — explaining that he was “in great hands.”

He also made sure to promote the location of the studio’s Automated External Defibrillator (AED), posing next to it in a photo. “Does your gym have an AED?” he wrote.

It’s a mission Harper has been on ever since an AED was used to save his life from his widowmaker heart attack.

“The fact that there were doctors in the gym when I had the heart attack saved my life,” Harper told Today on April 4 in his first television interview since the attack, explaining an AED was used on him three times to jolt him back from death. “I will never ever walk into a gym again that doesn’t have CPR, people that know their CPR, and there’s an AED somewhere in that gym.”

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Harper, whose mother died of a heart attack, had said that he had previously ignored signs that something might have been wrong — including dizzy spells.

He’s feeling stronger now though — and is paying extra attention to his body.

“I feel good,” Harper told Today. “I’ve been doing my cardiac rehab, Monday Wednesday and Friday. It’s been hugely beneficial for me. They’ve taken such good care of me. I’m feeling good, I’m taking it one day at a time. I’m doing exactly what the doctors tell me.”

“My heart gave up on me and going through this process of trusting it again and building the relationship again with me and my heart,” he added to Dr. Oz on April 24. “It’s like God has told me to just kind of slow down right now and that’s what I’m doing.”

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