Fat-Shamed Blogger Had the 'Perfect' Response When a Troll Said She Should 'Eat Less Cake'

Hundreds of Rushmore's fans rallied against the fat-shamer by posting photos of themselves eating cake in solidarity

Photo: Courtesy Jenny Rushmore

Talk about sweet revenge.

When a fat-shaming troll posted a nasty comment on sewing blogger Jenny Rushmore’s Instagram, telling her she should “eat less cake,” she refused to let him silence her – or stop her from eating cake.

Rushmore, whose Cashmerette blog showcases clothes she’s sewn for herself, had posted a sketch of a new design with the hashtag #beachbodyready – “because everybody has a beach body,” she tells PEOPLE.

But a stranger spewed some hate.

“I woke up on Monday morning to find some random guy, who mostly has an Instagram of gym selfies, had written something to the extent of, ‘Ugh, you will never have a beach body. You should eat less cake,’ ” she tells PEOPLE. “I wasn’t surprised. If you’re a bigger woman out there in the world today, this kind of thing happens a lot. A lot of people think they have the right to judge your body.”

Rushmore refused to give the troll the satisfaction of upsetting her. She deleted the nasty comment and posted a new photo, mentioning in the comments that a troll had told her to eat less cake. She used the hashtag: “#CakewithCashmerette.” Little did Rushmore know that she had started a movement.

“Just half an hour later, one of my sewing blogger friends posted a picture of herself eating cake, looking at my website. And it just exploded,” Rushmore says. “People around the world from London to Shanghai to Melbourne have been taking pictures of themselves eating cake and other yummy things, pointing out that body-shaming is never okay.”

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Proving a point has never tasted so good.

“It took something that could have just been a minor negative thing in my day, and it turned into this international movement of people being supportive and eating cake,” she says. “And honestly, who doesn’t love eating cake?” (Answer: no one.)

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