The gym is blanketing their mirrors in each of their gyms for one day in June

Credit: Courtesy Blink Fitness

Blink Fitness is trying to get gym-goers to reconsider why they exercise by covering up the mirrors in their facilities for one day at each location during the month of June.

The New York City-area gym company hopes that by covering up the most of the mirrors, people will focus less on how their body looks, and instead think about how exercise makes them feel.

“I think going into summer, as consumers are shedding their layers of clothing and advertising is putting images out there, in the relm of fitness, it seemed like an important time to remind our members that collectively, we think about fitness differently,” Ellen Roggemann, the vice president of marketing for Blink, tells PEOPLE. “Exercise isn’t just about how it makes you look, it’s about how it makes you feel.”

The program, called “Monday Without Mirrors” is part of their “Every Body Happy” campaign, which kicked off in March with ads highlighting all body types.

“Our – I would say unique – point of view, is that we put mood above muscle,” Roggemann says. “And I think from fit to full, exercise can make people feel positive, and feel good, and this is just reinforcing what we’ve been doing since the beginning.”

Roggemann says that the reaction to the program has been largely positive, though some people on social media questioned how gym-goers would be able to check on their form without mirrors.

“It’s kind of hard to make sure one is using proper form without a mirror. And considering that your gym actively markets to beginning lifters, it’s really odd that you’d make an issue of this,” wrote one person on Facebook.

“Having good form is really important, and that’s why mirrors are available in our clubs. What were doing is offering a choice to continue working out in front of a mirror, or on ‘Mondays Without Mirrors,’ to take a stand with us, and sign the mirror cover and workout in front of the mirror cover,” Roggemann explains.

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Steve Weatherford, the former New York Giants kicker who won a Super Bowl with the team, is a fan, and joined in on the program Monday.

“Exercise isn’t just about physical changes, it’s also about the daily investment you make in yourself, and how it makes you feel,” he posted on Instagram, along with a photo of him signing the mirror cover.

“Exercise can build your confidence and your energy, and those reasons to exercise are so much more valuable than what you see in your reflection,” Roggemann says.