The Rhythm Section star was sharing photos from her new film, but was distracted by a shot where her abs "look so good"

Blake Lively is dealing with separation anxiety — from her abs!

The actress, 32, gave birth to her third daughter in October, and on Thursday she penned a love note on Instagram to her former stomach.

Lively was sharing photos from her new movie, The Rhythm Section, and said she was searching for a picture of costar Sterling K. Brown when her pre-baby body left her distracted.

“Looking for a good pic of me and @sterlingkbrown but my abs look so good here,” she wrote alongside a photo from the film where she’s lying down with her stomach exposed.

“Dear abs, I miss us,” the Gossip Girl alum added.

Blake Lively The Rhythm Section
Blake Lively
| Credit: Blake Lively/Instagram

Lively’s third daughter joins her family of five along with husband Ryan Reynolds, 42, and their two older daughters, Inez, 3, and James, 4½. After Inez’s birth in Oct. 2016, Lively took time to herself before working with trainer Don Saladino to lose weight. She showed off her hard work — and those aforementioned abs — in Feb. 2018.

“Turns out you can’t lose the 61 lbs. you gained during pregnancy by just scrolling through Instagram and wondering why you don’t look like all the bikini models,” Lively joked on Instagram.

“Thanks @donsaladino for kickin my A double S into shape,” she continued. “10 months to gain, 14 months to lose. Feeling very proud.”

And while Lively may miss her abs, she doesn’t want other new moms to feel pressured to lose weight.

“It’s so unfair though, because it’s so celebrated,” Lively said in 2016 about women who are immediately back to their pre-baby shape. “It’s like, this is what someone can look like after a baby. I think a woman’s body after having a baby is pretty amazing.”

Lively continued, saying that people shouldn’t focus on a new mom’s body.

“You don’t need to be Victoria’s Secret ready right away because you just did the most incredible miracle that life has to offer,” Lively added. “I mean you gave birth to a human being! So I would really like to see that celebrated.”