These New Health and Wellness Books Will Help You Feel Your Best Inside and Out

From Jillian Michaels' tips about aging gracefully, to feeling cozy and eating well, this list has what you need to lead a balanced life

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The 6 Keys by Jillian Michaels


Jillian Michaels wants to help you battle aging strategically with this six-step beauty and health plan based on information she's gleaned from top minds in geroscience, or the science of aging.

"People believe that aging is this slow descent into decrepitude. That’s not true," Michaels told PEOPLE in 2016. "When people say, 'Oh, I’m 40 now, and this is happening to me and that’s happening to me,' it’s the cumulative effect of years of neglect, which—by the way—can still be turned around."

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Morning Altars by Day Schildkret


Schildkret has gained a big social media following by photographing the "morning altars" that he creates from flowers, leaves, and other natural objects -- a ritual he started after a hard breakup.

"I made something really beautiful and I felt better," Schildkret told Well + Good about creating his first altar. "I realized, 'Oh, this is something that is so healing, healthy, and helpful.'"

In his book, Schildkret shares his creations and encourages you to build your own altars to explore "meditative art."

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The Dubrow Diet by Heather Dubrow and Terry Dubrow, MD, FACS


In their new book, the famous TV couple presents ways to lose weight and battle aging by practicing "interval eating."

They claim this strategy helps "reprogram your cells to go after stored fat for fuel."

"We live on this diet, and that's how I'm able to have, I'll just say it, I have a six pack because of it at my stage of life," Terry told The Daily Dish.

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Game Changers by Dave Asprey


Dave Asprey of the Bulletproof Radio podcast answers the question "How can I kick more a-- at life?" in his new book. Pulling together guidance from entrepreneurs, leaders, and mavericks like Dr. Daniel Amen, Gabby Bernstein, and Arianna Huffington, Asprey offers 46 science-based rules to follow.

From overcoming fear to learning how to work more efficiently and achieving mindfulness, this book will help you achieve a better, more successful life.

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The F*ck It Diet by Caroline Dooner


Dooner says "diets don't work" and presents an alternative for chronic dieters.

"I didn’t realize that, in a way, we are meant to be fixated on food. Because food is a fundamentally important part of staying alive, so when the body senses that food access is scarce, our food fixation increases," Dooner writes in her blog about the logic behind the "f*ck it" diet.

"Thankfully the reverse is also true. Hallelujah. Once the body knows it will be fed, it can calm down."

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Your Healthiest Healthy by Samantha Harris


A cancer survivor and cohost of Dancing With The Stars and Entertainment Tonight, Samantha Harris presents a complete, eight-step plan to improve your well-being and help you overcome health crises.

Harris reveals how she overcame severe health problems and provides guidance from doctors and scientists. The goal is to optimize your energy and health so you can live a longer, happier life.

"This book is basically the road map that I wish someone had handed me when I was diagnosed," Harris told Improper. "Actually, maybe even prior to that, because then maybe I never would have been diagnosed."

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Forks Over Knives: Flavor! by Darshana Thacker


Struggle finding great plant-focused recipes? In her new cookbook (tied to the renowned 2011 Forks Over Knives documentary), the head chef presents 150 new and easy-to-prepare recipes with an international flair.

Recipes range from "Black Bean Chilaquiles with Fire-Roasted Tomatillo Salsa," to "Thai Red Curry Noodles with Stir-Fry Vegetables," and "German Marble Cake with Raspberries."

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Do What Feels Good by Hannah Bronfman


An Instagram influencer, Hannah Bronfman is also all about fashion and leading a healthy lifestyle. In her book, she presents a health and wellness routine and 70 recipes that are meant to make you feel good -- inside and out. "I am motivated to live my happiest and healthiest self," she told justBobbi, "because I want to be on this crazy planet for as long as possible."

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Cozy by Isabel Gillies


In her new book, actress Isabel Gillies reveals that home is where you make it. Cozy, part lifestyle guide and part memoir, provides advice on finding comfort from within.

"To be truly cozy," Gillies argues, "means learning to identify the innermost truth of yourself and carrying it into the world, no matter your environment."

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Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. by Shalane Flanagan & Elyse Kopecky


Olympic long-distance runner Shalane Flanagan and chef Elyse Kopecky teach you how to cook quickly — and haven't forgotten about flavor. From pre-run snacks and post-run recovery breakfasts, to 30-minute meals, their book has it all for athletes and hardworking people. They provide an alternative for readers who don't have hours to spend in the kitchen, but still want to eat well.

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