'Below Deck' 's Rhylee Gerber Has Breast Implants Removed After 1 Began Leaking 'Toxins in My Body'

"This other implant was just completely ruptured and leaking into my right breast capsule, which is probably why I felt a lot of nastiness," Rhylee Gerber said after getting her implants removed

Rhylee Gerber
Photo: Rhylee Gerber/instagram

Rhylee Gerber has gotten her breast implants removed after one of them ruptured and spread toxins in her body.

The 37-year-old Below Deck star shared via her Instagram Stories earlier this month that she would be undergoing an "explant" procedure on Aug. 22 and documented her entire journey.

After sharing footage of her "amazing" first in-person consultation with Dr. David Rankin, Gerber excitedly said of her implants, "I'm getting these guys removed!"

She later added, "I'm so ready to start feeling 100 percent. I don't even remember what 100 percent feels like anymore."

Rhylee Gerber
Rhylee Gerber/instagram

On the morning of her big surgery, Gerber said, "I am tired of the inflammation. I am tired of the random, sharp pains ... and I'm tired of bloating for no f--- reason."

She noted that an explant liaison at Dr. Rankin's office, Dee Hicks, would be snapping photos and taking video of the before, during and after to keep fans "abreast" of the progress.

Once at the facility for her procedure, she showed off her breast-shaped earrings and said, "We're removing boobs yet adding them at the same time" before posting video of her getting prepped.

Rhylee Gerber
Rhylee Gerber/instagram

After the procedure, she gave fans an update from a hotel room and held up one of her breast implants that she kept.

"I can only take home one breast implant because the other one was completely ruptured inside. But here it is, folks. One from my left side ... This other implant was just completely ruptured and leaking into my right breast capsule, which is probably why I felt a lot of nastiness."

She then shared graphic footage of doctors removing the implants, along with a photo of the "ruptured implant" that she said was "leaking arsenic and other poisonous toxins into my body"

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Gerber later explained that it's possible the implant ruptured sometime last year, and began putting toxins throughout her body. "Scar tissue to the top left and right aided in keeping the toxins from spreading too quickly possibly helping to save my body from further damage."

Adding humor to the procedure, she shared a photo of her lying on a hospital bed as a doctor closed her up. "New boobs, who dis?" she wrote on top of the photo.

She also shared a photo of her breasts one day after the operation, and said that she was experiencing "lots of swelling, bloating and back pain" as well as "constipation from anesthesia and nerve blocker."

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She said the natural breast tissue that she has left will "fill out," and she has other nutrients like fish oil that can "help with healing of the scars."

"So glad the ruptured silicone implant is out. I had no idea it was ruptured but realize that's likely why I had all the [sharp] pains."

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