Bella Hadid's Nutritionist Shares Her High-Protein, Low-Carb Diet

Dr. Charles Passler shares how to stay on track while on-the-go plus the science behind eating a low-carb diet.

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To stay in shape for her many modeling gigs, Bella Hadid doesn’t focus on trendy diets, but rather sticks to a strict lifestyle.

Her nutritionist Dr. Charles Passler tells PEOPLE the first step in achieving a healthier routine is taking a look at your day-to-day habits.

“I help them to understand that they are where they are today in relation to their overall health because of the lifestyle that they are engaging in,” Passler says. “I’ll put some individuals on a strict type of a, if you want to say, diet, to get faster results initially, but what it’s really about is teaching them how to change their lifestyle into a lifestyle that allows them to maintain their goals that they’re trying to achieve, whether it’s sleeping better, or weight, exercising and hydrating.”

Passler says his goal with all of his clients — including Adriana Lima and Naomi Watts — is to keep them “on point all the time.”

“That’s the biggest challenge as most celebrities need to have a certain body composition,” he says. “My goal is to help them be able to maintain that actual body composition 365 days a year so that they’re not scrambling at the eleventh hour to be sure that they are going to to fit into a dress or fit into a bikini.”

To achieve these results, he puts clients on a high-protein program so they can stay lean and energized.

“It’s adequate protein, adequate fat, and lots and lots and lots of non-starchy vegetables,” Passler says. “That is typically the most bulletproof, easiest, soundproof way to make sure that somebody stays on track.”

He also explained the science behind mixing carbs, protein and fat.

“If you eat a lot of carbohydrates, with your protein and your fat, the body’s going to use the carbohydrates for fuel first,” he says. “The body loves using carbs for fuel. So the body’s going to soak up all of those carbs, and if then you don’t need any more fuel, the body’s going to just turn the extra calories from the fat and the protein into body fat. So by eliminating the carbohydrates, and consuming the protein and the fat, it not only keeps your calories down, but it keeps your energy stable.”

Another aspect of his program is choosing foods that help minimize stress. He says Omegas are one of the best things to incorporate into your diet.

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“A diet that has better fish and better fats like salmon, can be beneficial, and the other thing to eat is healthy fats from avocado and healthy fats from nuts. Healthy fats satiates, healthy fats feed the brain and healthy fats give you a long term type of energy.”

He adds: “It’s really about accepting a reality that it’s time to change your lifestyle. You’re just a person that does not drink soda — I don’t care if you’re at a birthday party, and that’s all they have, then don’t drink anything. I don’t care if you’re the person that loves pizza, well, just minimize the pizza intake, or minimize the refined sugar intake. In order for somebody to be consistently healthy, the biggest key is to engage in a lifestyle that allows you to own that permanently.”

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