The creator of Dominique Cosmetics says she is having tests done to determine the cause of her symptoms

By Nicholas Rice
May 28, 2021 11:54 AM
christen Dominique
Credit: christen Dominique/ Instagram

Christen Dominique is opening up about a mysterious illness that has been affecting her for the past two years.

On Thursday, the 34-year-old beauty influencer shared a series of posts on her Instagram Story, where she spoke candidly about her health.

"I have been in this ongoing battle with my stomach, it has been an issue," Dominique said, noting that the situation began back in 2019.

"I had trouble swallowing and stuff and getting full extremely fast," she continued. "So I did ultrasounds [and] everything."

"[I then] found out I had hiatal hernia, some erosion and stuff like that," the Dominique Cosmetics founder added.

Dominique said that things then "got really, really bad" more recently.

"I just came back from an ultrasound of my throat to the bottom of my stomach," she detailed. "And tomorrow I have another endoscopy and another procedure that I don't wish anyone to have at my age. But I'm having it to make sure everything is okay and rule out anything."

Dominique said that she has since become more aware of what she is putting into her body. "I've been really modifying how I'm eating just so I don't have so much pain and I can actually sleep at night," she said. "And it's been working."

"The more I cut down on spicy, caffeine, saucy, fatty, [and] fried foods, my body has been getting better," she continued. "So it's a lot about my diet, I think. But hopefully, everything gets better or maybe I just do a lifestyle change and I get healthy."

In a follow-up post while waiting for her endoscopy on Friday morning, Dominique said that she would have to be put under for the procedure. "I hate doing this, but I have to to figure out what's going on with me. Hopefully everything is okay."