The female stars of Baywatch are proud of the message of empowerment in the remake, saying "the men are more objectified than the women"


The women of Baywatch are proud of the upcoming remake.

“The women are badass, they’re strong, they’re professional. They don’t take crap from anybody. It’s probably the strongest female cast I’ve seen in a long time,” Kelly Rohrbach tells PEOPLE at the New York City premiere, hosted by Cinema Society with Hugo by Hugo Boss and Svedka.

In fact, Rohrbach, 27, and her costars say that the body image focus is on the men of Baywatch — particularly Zac Efron and Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson — more than anyone.

“You’ll see that the men are more objectified than the women,” Rohrbach says.

World Premiere of 'Baywatch'
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Costar Alexandra Daddario says that the assumption that Baywatch is just about ogling female bodies is outdated.

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“If you say, it’s just the women who are being objectified … if you look at Dwayne and Zac, no one is saying, ‘Oh, they’re setting a bad body image [example] for men,’ ” she says. “So I think just asking the question doesn’t make sense, because in the context of the story, that’s the point of the joke, it’s that everyone is supernaturally good looking. And that’s part of poking fun at Baywatch. And I think Zac put more effort into his body that any of us. It’s the men and the women.”


Zac Efron

Ilfenesh Hadera agrees with Daddario that no one — men or women — should idolize their bodies, because it’s unrealistic.

“We had trainers at our beck and call. We had catering; everything was prepared fresh and healthy. That level of fitness is not sustainable in real life,” Hadera says. “In my own life after we wrapped, I’ve kind of had to get less crazy about trying to keep in my Baywatch shape. It’s just not real. For most people, there’s just no time for that.”

“I hope that women don’t think we’re saying in order to be sexy or attractive you’ve got to have full breasts, which I don’t, and a 24-inch waistline.”

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Rohrbach adds that Priyanka Chopra‘s role as the villain — a part originally written for a man — highlights the film’s theme of female empowerment.

“She just brought in this tough energy that they couldn’t find in a man,” Rohrbach says. “It’s the year of the women so I think that we definitely play into that. And we wanted that to come across to our fans because we were interested in making a modern remake.”