February 06, 2018 01:09 PM

Kaitlyn Bristowe is sick of dealing with body shamers on Instagram.

The former Bachelorette star called out the people who post rude comments about her weight from the privacy of their phones.

“I dare any one of you sad psychopath narcissists to say to my face what you say about me on Instagram photos. See what happens,” Bristowe, 32, wrote on Twitter. “F— off telling me my healthy body looks sick. You’re the sick ones. I’ve had enough. Your words don’t hurt me, they piss me off.”

The Alberta, Canada-raised Bristowe said the Instagram comments are no different from the cruel insults she heard from bullies as a kid.

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Kaitlyn Bristowe
Kaitlyn Bristowe/Twitter

“I used to wear baggy sweaters in school cuz I’d get bullied about my skinny arms. You’re telling me I still have to hear it from grown women?” she tweeted. “Do yourself a favor and go to the [Facebook] page I created for women to compliment each other. Learn from them. They’re what’s right in the world.”

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And after one person tried to say Bristowe lacks confidence for posting about her Instagram comments, she shut them down.

“Oh you’re right,” Bristowe tweeted sarcastically. “Confidence means sitting back and allowing the bullies to say what they want with no repercussion. F that. I have confidence. And a backbone.”

She also reiterated that these comments don’t hurt her self-esteem — they just make her angry.

“They don’t bring me down. They fire me up and I love to stand up against it,” she said. “I’m here to say body shaming isn’t ok. I’m healthy. And happy. And I have skinny arms. Sue me.”

“I have skinny arms and a soft tummy from wine. Life is good,” she added.

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland, who has dealt with her own body shamers in the past and is currently dating former Bachlorette contestant Wells Adams, cheered on Bristowe.

“Damn @kaitlynbristowe goin OFF [on] body shamers!!! GET IT GURL,” Hyland tweeted. “Sad I’m not the only one getting comments like that but HAPPY as f— to see a strong woman stand up for herself. ROUND OF APPLAUSE.”

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