February 16, 2018 09:54 AM

The Bachelorette’s Bryan Abasolo is abs-olutely ripped — and he’s sharing how he keeps his strong core.

The chiropractor, 38, who won the heart of Rachel Lindsay on the last season of the reality dating show talked to Dr. Travis Stork and The Doctors about the importance of core strength on Monday’s show.

“We always say prevention [is] worth a pound of cure, so in your world, obviously, prevention, [is key] right? A strong core,” Dr. Stork — a former Bachelor himself — asks Abasolo in this exclusive clip. “What do you think about showing us a few things you do and recommend to stay healthy and keep a strong core?”

“Absolutely,” Abasolo says. “I like to work on my core because I feel a strong core is going to give you an overall strong body.”

With the encouragement from the audience, Abasolo shows how he uses an ab wheel to build a strong core — and he does it shirtless. He advises the crowd to get on their knees and roll outwards as far as they can go without their stomach touching the floor.

“This is a bit more of an advanced exercise, but it targets the serratus, the abdominal, the rectus abdominis,” Abasolo says. “I actually brought a device like this on the show. There is no gym at the mansion on The Bachelorette, so a lot of the guys were using this. There was a line out the door.”

Though Abasolo does 100 reps on the ab wheel, in sets of ten, Dr. Stork points out that beginners should do less.

“For someone trying this out for the first time, you’ve gotta work your way up,” Dr. Stork says.

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