Blake Moynes Hospitalized After Undergoing Surgery for 'Really Bad' Infection, His Mother Reveals

The Bachelorette alum is hospitalized in South Africa, where he is expected to make a full recovery following a severe infection

Blake Moynes is recovering after undergoing surgery following a "really bad" infection he got while in Africa, his mother revealed.

On Monday, the Bachelorette alum's mother, Emily Moynes, got emotional on her Instagram Story while sharing that Blake, 32, was hospitalized due to the infection. The reality star has been in South Africa working on environmental conservation through his nonprofit Mowgli Moynes Fund, which supports animal education and awareness and funds wildlife conservation organizations and charities.

"I just got a call from Blake. I don't hear from him very often [because he's been] in Africa for about a month and he doesn't have cell service," Emily, 51, said. "But he is down there fighting the poachers, saving the rhinos and elephants and doing what he absolutely loves. He is so passionate about that sort of stuff."

"But four days ago, he called and said he had a really bad infection that had been treated," the Rising Up author continued. "I just got a call today — like I am starting to freak out — he just got out of surgery."

Bachelorette star Blake Moynes undergoes surgery while battling 'bad' infection during Africa trip, his mother reveals
Blake Moynes/Instagram

Emily then asked her followers to say a prayer for Blake's health, adding that the "worry never stops" no matter how old her kids are.

"I want him to come home. F— Blake, just come home. I know you love what you're doing but you're freaking me out," she said. "I am ready to get on the next flight to Africa. Let's say a prayer for Blake please."

The following day, Emily shared another update on her Instagram Story, telling her followers that Blake is in the hospital and expected to make a full recovery following the health scare.

Blake Moynes attends as John Mayer performs live at The Hollywood Palladium for SiriusXM and Pandora's Small Stage Series in Los Angeles on February 09, 2022 in
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"I just received word that Blake is in great spirits today post-op. Full recovery is expected. He is getting excellent care now in a private hospital," she explained. "I don't know when he's coming home, he's not supposed to be home until March and knowing him, he will stick it out because he will not leave until his work is done."

"I was completely overwhelmed yesterday with the amount of love and support and prayers and encouragement," Emily added. "I sat on my couch and had a moment because I've never felt more part of a community than I did yesterday. Your prayers meant so much, thank you so so much."

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