March 05, 2018 04:06 PM

When The Bachelor executive producer Elan Gale wanted to lose weight, the person who helped him the most ended up being Nick Viall.

In an excerpt from his reverse self-help book You’re Not that Great (But Neither is Anyone Else), Gale said that at his heaviest, he looked like “someone squeezed me out of a play dough container.”

So when he decided to get serious about getting in shape, he challenged himself to go shirtless on the beach every day during a season of the ABC dating show — and the person who helped him the most during that time was the former bachelor himself.

“He was great,” Gale told PEOPLE.

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Explaining why he spending time with somebody who’s in “very good shape” didn’t get him down, Gale remarked, “I found that most people don’t like being around people who feel too good about themselves. I don’t have that problem.”

And he also added that being open about your own flaws is a good way to make everybody around you — including yourself — feel more comfortable.

“I think everybody knows they have flaws and when you’re around somebody that’s willing to admit their flaws and willing to be open about what’s wrong with them, I think that you end up just being more comfortable yourself,” he said.

“We’re so caught up in trying to pretend like we’re wonderful, when we’re all really, really flawed. And it’s so much more comfortable to live in a society and to surround yourself with people who go, ‘No, I don’t like this about myself and I want to make some changes,’ ” he continued.

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Opening up about his weight loss process last month on social media, Gale said, “I am nowhere near my goals BUT I am way closer than I used to be.”

“If you knew me 4 years ago I was 40 pounds heavier, a massive alcoholic, and couldn’t go up a flight of stairs without getting winded. now, I’m a little lighter and much quicker,” he added alongside a shirtless picture of himself.

Gale added that he tries “to work out 7-8 times a week,” but that his “intense love of endless quantities of food” still holds him back from attaining the body he wants.

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“Anyway, I’m just sharing this because a year ago I told you all I was going to try to finally get in shape, and while I’m not at my goal yet, I’m better off than I was a year ago,” he added.

Concluding his health update, he wrote, “Maybe in another year I’ll finally get to where I want to be. OR maybe I never will. Maybe this is just like everything else in life for me. Always wanting a little bit more. Never being quite satisfied. I guess that will do.”

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