Atlanta News Anchor Jovita Moore Diagnosed with Incurable Brain Cancer

“Our girl is strong. Our girl is a fighter and she’s doing great every day,” said her coworker and friend Condace Pressley in a story announcing Moore’s diagnosis

Jovita Moore
Jovita Moore. Photo: Jovita Moore/instagram

Atlanta news anchor Jovita Moore has been diagnosed with an incurable form of brain cancer, her station, Channel 2 Action News, shared Thursday.

The 53-year-old Moore has glioblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer that can affect the brain or spinal cord. Her doctors have said that there is no cure, but she will undergo radiation and chemotherapy to slow down the cancer's progress.

Moore, a mom to three kids, had shared in April that she was undergoing surgery after doctors discovered two masses on her brain, which they now know are cancer.

Channel 2 Action News said that Moore "has felt the love and prayers" that she's received in the last few months after sharing her ordeal, and "is grateful for all the support and asks that you stay positive as she continues to focus on her health, her treatments and her family."

"Jovita is tough and ready for this fight," they said.

The Emmy-winning news anchor has been with the station since 1998, and her longtime coworker and friend Condace Pressley, the station's community and public affairs director, said that the anchor is keeping her head up.

"Our girl is strong," Pressley said. "Our girl is a fighter and she's doing great every day."

Jovita Moore
Jovita Moore. Jovita Moore/instagram

"We laugh and you know sometimes we talk about stuff and we may cry a little bit. but at the end of the day, she is a fighter, and she is surrounded by love and prayers and positivity," Pressley continued. "She's a very strong woman and is raising three very strong kids who are, as we all are, right there with her."

Moore's surgeon at Emory University Hospital, Dr. Edjah Nduom, told the station that "she's done fantastic" so far with treatment.

"I was actually able to see her in clinic a couple of weeks ago," Nduom said. "She was in good spirits, she was with friends and family as always."

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Moore had gone to the doctor in April after dealing with sudden headaches.

"I was really concerned about why all of a sudden I was forgetful, disoriented and just not feeling myself. Feeling like I was in a fog and really wanting to get out of that fog," she said at the time.

Soon after, Moore said she nearly passed out at a grocery store and decided to go to the hospital, where a brain scan showed the two tumors.

"It's significant. It's gonna be a lot. Two little tumors kind of near each other and they got to go," she said before her surgery. "We had to start then having a conversation about what that was and what that meant."

Jovita Moore
Jovita Moore. Jovita Moore/instagram

She decided to explain to viewers that she was dealing with health issues because she "didn't want to just disappear from air for a couple months and I wanted people to know what was going on."

"Also, I want to feel that energy, that outpouring and that support as well," she added. "I know they're gonna bring it. I know we have great viewers. I know that the prayer warriors are gonna be at work."

Channel 2 Action News has set up a page where viewers can send well-wishes to Moore.

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