Artist Behind Proportional Barbie Creates Male Version: 'He May Not Have a 6-Pack, but He Has a Fantastic Sense of Humor'

"We're raring to show our boys, too, that real is beautiful," reads the doll's Kickstarter page

Artist Nickolay Lamm gave Barbie a make-under when he released his “normal” version of the doll in 2014, and now Ken is undergoing the same treatment with the release of Boy Lammily.

“Women face relentless beauty standards, and I launched Lammily dolls to show that real is beautiful. Men also feel pressure in the form of not being tall, not having enough hair, or not having enough muscle,” Lamm tells PEOPLE. “I think those are things which few talk about because, as a guy, you’re expected not to worry about your appearance.”

Lamm created the doll according to the proportions of the average 19-year-old male in order to promote a healthy body image and redefine what society views as the masculine ideal.

“He may not have a six-pack abdomen, but he has a fantastic sense of humor,” reads the doll’s description on its Kickstarter page. “He may not have the roundest biceps, but he has his own trendy style. He may not look like a runway model, but he values himself for who he truly is, and always makes sure to pay the same respect to others!”

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The new doll aims to counteract feelings of negative body image boys may experience as they get older.

“I feel a realistic male doll can influence boys in its own small way, before boys start comparing themselves to their peers, what they see in the media, in the movies, and on social media,” says Lamm.

He is currently raising funds to cover manufacturer tooling and molding costs. Lamm hopes by creating more realistic dolls, he can encourage parents and children of both genders to expand their views on body ideals and attractiveness.

“We’re raring to show our boys, too, that real is beautiful,” reads the Kickstarter page. “With your help, we are successfully breaking down traditional patterns of doll-making. Let’s continue to support healthy bodies and minds. Together, lets change the world; one doll at a time!”

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