The fitness trainer and Fit Body Guide founder shared the selfie with her fans on Saturday
Credit: Instagram

On Instagram, fitness trainers seem to get everything just right – think beautifully served, healthy meals and workout photos with breathtaking backdrops.

But Anna Victoria, co-founder of the Fit Body Guide, hopes to debunk those myths with a recent snapshot that shows the trainer sitting down on the floor in workout gear, exposing her bare belly.

“I want you to know having skin fold over on your stomach when you sit or to have ‘rolls’ is not anything to hate or be ashamed of,” Victoria writes, adding that there have been times where she, too, has struggled with embracing her body.

“Your stomach does not have to be perfectly flat to be healthy, your stomach does not have to be perfectly flat to be confident and beautiful and an all-around amazing person.”

The selfie has received plenty of positive attention from the trainer’s followers, with commenters calling Victoria “an inspiration” for breaking the mold of what’s become so commonplace with fitness accounts – showcasing unrealistic expectations.

“As a society, we shouldn’t let physical characteristics set the standard for whether we deserve to love ourselves or not,” she writes.

“Everyone deserves to love themselves.”