Anna Victoria and More Fitness Influencers Who Proudly Bared Their Imperfections on Social Media

Anna Victoria, Emily Skye and other fitness influencers have showed photos of stomach rolls and bloated bellies to show that nobody is perfect

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Madalin Giorgetta

Madalin Giorgetta/Instagram

Giorgetta underwent a legitimate body transformation thanks to a new fitness plan and eating properly, but she's also very aware of how misleading before and after photos can be. The Australian fitness Instagrammer posted a 30 second transformation photo to show how much her pose can change her body.

"I don't look like either in real life... in real life I'm not flexing like on the right and I'm not pushing my hips forwards like in the left. Real life isn't what you see on Instagram peeps," Giorgetta says.

And when her post went viral, with some people accusing her of photoshop, Giorgetta posted a video to prove how much she can change her shape in a few seconds.

"Like any chick I'm partial to good lighting and flattering angles but I would never ever use Photoshop to change the shape of my body," she says. "There's enough misleading images about the female body as it is and I never want to add to that."

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Anna Victoria

Anna Victoria/Instagram

Fit Body Guide co-founder Anna Victoria is known for her impressive muscles, but she wants to make it clear that she doesn't look ripped 24/7.

Last January, Victoria shared a photo of her stomach rolls, and in May she posted a "before and after" photo showing the importance of angles.

On Tuesday, Victoria again shared a side-by-side photo on Instagram to highlight how different her body looks when she is standing and posing versus when she's sitting normally.

"I love both photos equally," she posted. "Good or bad angles don't change your worth. [...] As I'm getting older, I have cellulite and stretch marks that aren't going away, and I welcome them. [...] How can I be mad at my body for perfectly normal 'flaws?' "

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Lauren Tickner

Laura Tickner/Instagram

The fitness social media star shared on Instagram on Wednesday that her weight can fluctuate up to 12 lbs. from morning to evening.

"I always like to keep it real with you guys," she posted. "I do not have the abs I wake up with in the evening! After I've eaten, drunk, etc., my abs go pretty quickly."

"Do not be disheartend if you do not have chiseled abs, particularly at night," she continued. "And do not worry about your body weight in the evening... or even in the morning! Body weight is seriously a load of [s---] — how you look and how you feel is what is really important."

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Kelsey Wells

Source mysweatlife/Instagram

Fit mom Kelsey Wells, aka @mysweatlife, usually shares photos of her six-pack, but in November she posted an Instagram of her stomach looking round and bloated.

"Of course I want to take photos in good light and show my best angles, but I never want that to be misconstrued as saying I don't have bad ones or never look bloated," she wrote, adding that we all need "to spend less time picking ourselves apart and more time seeing how beautiful, amazing and miraculous our bodies are — bloating, zits, stretch marks and all."

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Ashlie Molstad

Ashlie Molstad - Bodies
Source: Ashlie Molstad/Facebook

Fitness coach Ashlie Molstad shared a photo of her stomach rolls on Facebook along with a message about how women need to embrace their bodies.

"My message is not to say that one size is more beautiful than another," she told PEOPLE. "I think a size 2 can be beautiful the same way a size 22 can be beautiful. I think the issue is that we're letting society dictate what we think is beautiful or healthy."

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Emily Skye

Source: Emily Skye/Instagram

Australian health and fitness expert Emily Skye showed how she can make her stomach look completely different in just three seconds with body positioning and lighting.

"Your posture, angles, posing and lighting makes a big difference!" she shared on Instagram. "Next time you look at a photo of someone who looks 'perfect' online or in a magazine, remind yourself that the person in the photo doesn't walk around looking like that! They're posed, in their best angles with a tight or flexed tummy in 'good' lighting."

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Jen Widerstrom


The Biggest Loser trainer Jen Widerstrom proved that even she has bad angles with a side-by-side comparison of her body when she's sitting and standing in the same outfit.

"We all look like this when we sit," she posted on Instagram. "Don't stress about the way your body looks in certain positions. These photos were taken 2 minutes apart!"

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Tiffany Brien

Source: Tiffany Brien/Facebok

U.K.-based fitness blogger Tiffany Brien shared a photo of her "food baby" on Facebook in June.

"I thought I would share a bad day with you to show you nobody is 'perfect' and it is ok to have an off day where your body just decides to not play ball," she posted.

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