"I have never felt sexier," the dancer and trainer to Shakira and Kelly Ripa tells PEOPLE.

Credit: Courtesy Anna Kaiser

Trainer Anna Kaiser crafts the bodies of stars like Kelly Ripa and Karlie Kloss, and helped Shakira get into dancing shape after having two kids. Now that Anna herself is pregnant, she’s sharing her expertise and experiences in this exclusive PEOPLE blog. Anna has her BFA in Dance and studied kinesiology, sports medicine and functional anatomy at Mount Sinai Medical Center. She is an NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified trainer and has teaching certificates in Pre/Post Natal, Pilates and TRX. Follow her on Instagram, check out her signature workout, AKT, and read about her pregnancy journey here on PEOPLE.com!

Pregnancy is such a special time. It has inspired me to reflect on my life as I prepare to bring another life into the world. I remember turning 22, moving to New York City, and wanting to immediately start a family; that is, until I started babysitting for friends. Then, everything changed. It was the first time I was faced with the reality of parenthood and how difficult it can truly be. Colicky babies, projectile vomiting, dirty diapers, strollers, carriers, bottles—endless accouterment! I thought, “How does anyone do this?” I decided it was a better idea to focus on what my young, 22-year-old self really enjoyed instead: performing, choreographing, teaching fitness and launching my career as a creative professional in N.Y.C.

Through my studio AKT, I met a beautiful community of very successful, amazing women who were able to balance career, friends and find time to raise loving families in the city. I have always loved researching new techniques in pre/post natal fitness and working with these women to help support them through their incredible journeys with fitness and pregnancy. Their stories inspired me to think, “Hey, maybe it is possible to have a family and find a work/life balance that still allows me to do what I love.” My colleagues and clients slowly became my family, and I started to think about having children of my own.

Then, in 2012, I married my soul mate. We both have incredible families and decided we wanted to raise children together. But our businesses were both new (he is a brilliant surgeon with a private practice), and the idea of adding children to the mix didn’t seem possible just yet. We decided to spend five years together enjoying each other, traveling, staying up late, building our businesses and being spontaneous before thinking seriously about getting pregnant.

Everyone always says “there’s never a good time.” But I am still of the mindset that there are better times than others. Figuring out when it feels right is extremely important. This year, it was time. We started trying in the spring and were fortunate enough to get pregnant in early May.

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After working with pregnancy and fitness for so many years, I pretty much knew what to expect. But there’s one thing that did surprise me: Even as a fitness professional — and someone who loves to work out — there were many days when I was absolutely exhausted. Just getting myself to a workout was quite a struggle. There were a few days when I would lie on the floor of my office before a challenging session with a client and say to myself, “Just get through 15 minutes. If you still don’t have the energy to work out, then you can stop.” And, you know what? I always felt better after that first 15 minutes. All the nausea and exhaustion had disappeared by the end of the workout, and was replaced by endorphins. And actually working out was so much harder than I expected. I am so blessed to have AKT — a community and a workout that I genuinely look forward to every day. Having people support me through that period helped keep me going!

Also, I have to say that I have never felt sexier. It is just incredible what your body is capable of and all the naturally occurring changes that happen to support a growing child! I can come home and say, “My day was fantastic! Finished the deal, created content for the week, to-do list done, all while making tiny eyelashes and a central nervous system!”

Because I know everything that I am doing goes to support this incredible tiny human, I embrace each day and each inch with love, a little extra TLC and excitement for everything I can offer this new being. It’s all so fluid and empowering, and I allow myself to be a bit less of a perfectionist and accept the different feelings and emotions life throws at me, every day.