Anna Faris tweeted a shirtless photo of husband Chris Pratt, saying that he can't just sent it to her and not expect her to share it
Credit: Anna Faris/Twitter

Anna Faris knows what she — and the world — truly want: more shirtless photos of Chris Pratt.

The actress shared a photo of her ripped husband as he and a friend set up a keg.

“Honey — you can’t just send me a photo like this and not expect me to tweet it,” Faris, 40, posted on Twitter.

Pratt, 37, is in the midst of filming Jurassic World 2, and is on a strict diet that he’s been documenting on Instagram.

And while Faris seems to enjoy her buff hubby, she previously said that she’s on team #FatPratt.

“I have to tell you want I want to do,” Faris told PEOPLE Now. “I want to unwrap a sleeping bag. Put him in the middle of it. Roll it up. Tie him up. Force-feed him like, dumplings. Put him in the attic. And just fatten him up.”

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But Faris said she’ll happily have Pratt either way.

“He looks incredibly sexy and I’m so proud of him. But I love him no matter what.”