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Post-baby weight is no match for Angela Simmons.

The Growing Up Hip Hop star hit the gym just 13 days after giving birth, with the okay from her doctor. She showed off her already-slim stomach in a sports bra and high-waisted leggings.

“Light workouts approved by the DOC #13DaysPostBaby #Day1Gym,” Simmons posted on Instagram.

The daughter of Run-D.M.C.’s Rev. Run announced the birth of her son on Instagram Sept. 29.

“The best part of life has just begun #Motherhood #ImSoInLove,” Simmons captioned the photo.

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The new mom stayed active during her pregnancy, and hit the yoga mat regularly.

She shared advice for moms-to-be with the help of her friend and yoga instructor Latham Thomas.

“To avoid the sluggish feeling that accompanies the weight gain and any swelling in the legs and feet, commit to mild activity daily,” Simmons shared on Instagram. “It will make you feel better to get your blood and lymph flowing.”

And Simmons emphasized that she wasn’t working out during her pregnancy for weight loss — it was all for staying healthy.


“I don’t workout to drop weight while I am pregnant !! Because I for sure have gained a healthy amount !! Doctors approval I do it to stay active and healthy xoxo.”