Amy Slaton Qualifies for Weight Loss Surgery but Her Sister Does Not in '1000-Lb. Sisters' Finale

"Now that I'm approved and she's not, I feel like she's kind of upset with me," Amy says in PEOPLE's exclusive first look at Wednesday's finale

Amy and Tammy Slaton both hoped to undergo bariatric surgery, but only one of the Kentucky sisters lost enough weight to qualify.

In PEOPLE’s sneak peek at Wednesday’s 1000-Lb. Sisters finale, Amy learns that while she was approved, her sister was not.

“This was our final weigh in and I got approved so my surgery’s in two days, but Tammy didn’t get approved,” says Amy, 31, who weighed 406 lbs. at the start of the TLC docuseries.

“Now that I’m approved and she’s not, I feel like she’s kind of upset with me about it. Most of the time I feel like I’m walking on eggshells around Tammy. You never know what’s going to set her off and after this appointment with Dr. Procter, she’s a ticking time bomb,” she adds.

Amy Slatter Learns She Qualifies for Bariatric Surgery but Sister Tammy Doesn’t in Sneak Peak of 1000-Lb. Sisters

After leaving the doctor’s together, the tension between the two sisters comes to a boil.

“You just gotta work harder,” Amy tells her sister.

“I try to,” Tammy replies, growing audibly agitated. “I keep asking to leave the house and go out and nobody will take me anywhere.”

However, Amy tells her sister not to blame her, and focus on herself instead.

“You can not blame that s— on me,” Amy fires back, as a heated Tammy replies, “Some of it, yes, I can.”

“You can work out at home,” Amy adds, before Tammy shuts down the conversation.

As the clip comes to an end, Amy points out that if her sister wants to successfully continue her weight loss journey, she’ll need to accept responsibility for her actions.

“I think Tammy is trying to find a [scape] goat. If she’s going to be successful in this, she’s gonna have to learn to take blame for herself and quit pawning it off on me,” she says.

Amy Slatter Learns She Qualifies for Bariatric Surgery but Sister Tammy Doesn’t in Sneak Peak of 1000-Lb. Sisters
Amy and Tammy Slaton.

The sisters, who are also YouTube stars, recently told PEOPLE they are happier and healthier since filming the TLC series last year.

“I can go to the store and not worry about my looks because I feel good about myself regardless of what other people say about me,” Amy said. “I’m beautiful the way I am.”

“I don’t feel like I have to wear a mask or hide my body when I leave the house anymore. I’m not afraid to let people see me,” added Tammy.

The 1000-Lb. Sisters finale airs Wednesdays (10 p.m. ET) on TLC.

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